What's up with your girlfriend?

All of your girlfriends kiss you with their eyes closed. Considering your face, that's the only way they could.


Writing is too difficult for me to handle nowadays. I can’t verbalize anything I feel. As much as I want to blog about the most random things that happens to me, I have no energy to explain myself and worst of all I always have something to say, but this time I dont. So what are you doing? Songs you'd recommend? Music frustrates me. I downloaded a lot of songs yet nothing soothes me. If it’s good, It stays on repeat till it gets old and I don’t like it anymore. Finding new ones to listen to gets exhausting. I actually like the songs that are covered by someone else, like the ones in youtube or myspace. They have distinct tunes and thats what I really like bout them.



Finally! Forever 21 is coming this July 2 at Mega mall! Ive always prayed for something like this to happen! Is this even possible? With over 2,800 square meters.. thats like, the size of three zara stores! I'm so excited!!!! SAVE SAVE SAVE AND THEN SHOP! :D Next: H&M PLEASE?! :(
Enrico Tenorio Claud,kmuka mo ung ate ni james,hehehe
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Claudine P. Aguon WEH? =)) Patingin ako ng pic nya. send mo link iwall mo ko=)) 
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Enrico Tenorio o cge w8 lng hahanap aq 
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Enrico Tenorio o db kmukha mo..kahawig :D 
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Claudine P. Aguon WOW OKAY KA LANG IBANG LEVEL NA YUNG SAKANYA =)) 5 minutes ago · Like · 
Enrico Tenorio haha..ndi b??kahawig mo ee 
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Claudine P. Aguon Ang ganday nya kuya. =)) 
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Enrico Tenorio haha..nga ee,tpos search mo mga pics nya,sobra gnda..haha,pro tlga,hawig mo sya! :D 
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Claudine P. Aguon ano ba name nya? :)) 
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Enrico Tenorio Lauren Reid.. 
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Claudine P. Aguon ano ba name nya? :))
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Enrico Tenorio Lauren Reid.. 
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Claudine P. Aguon ang bonga naman ng name nya :)) hanapin ko nga 
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Enrico Tenorio haha..cge2,may makikita kang fb page nia,andami niyang pic dun (n kmukha mo) hahah
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Enrico Tenorio hahaha..hawig mo ah,lalo n ung isang pic..ung solo sya tpos prang sad..:D 
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Claudine P. Aguon Oo, dun medyo may angle eh.. Pero woah ibang level yung sakanya! nakakaloka ka naman!! =)) 
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Enrico Tenorio oha oha!pro minsan ngiging kamukha mo sya,knna nga kw ung naalala ko nung nkita q sya ee..haha 
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Claudine P. Aguon Naman!! Ibang level ang kagandahan nya =)) 
Ohh, big night nga pala ngayon.. I wasnt able to watch.. =)) Hahaha! 
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Enrico Tenorio weh?syang ndi mo naabutan ung ate nia..pero hawig mo sya db?!haha, (pnipilit ko tlga) 
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Seriously, they make you wait for about half an hour just to pick up something. Oh and the tax would cost more than what you're claiming. And did I mention that its open air? :| 

The other day, I picked up chucky's bride Tiffany doll, well considering the tax was about 4kphp that was okay, i guess? I mean the doll was worth a lot too. But earlier this morning, I went back again to pick up the studs i ordered, the tax was like 1,035php ahahha! Sorry but im really kuripot and im not paying for that. And since I dont have the printed invoice from ebay, they came up with the costing of $50 for the studs. HAHAHA! It didnt even cost as big as that. How come they asked for the invoice now and they didnt the other day, huh.. weird. 

 Anyway, If only the post office here gives reasonable tax, I might even consider shopping at ebay, like i mean SHOP AT EBAY. 

I found a really really good price of chanel bags on ebay, I really really wanna get it! POSTOFFICEHERESUCKSSSS!!!! LOOK: http://cgi.ebay.ph/CHANEL-quilted-bag-/220626248067?cmd=ViewItem&pt=LH_DefaultDomain_211&hash=item335e596183 

RIGHT RIGHT RIGHT?! So I saw a fan page "FOREVER 21 PHILIPPINES" My wish came true! Im so excited!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!



Gosh. If I have a heart attack issue, I wouldve been dead by now. I thought i lost my phone. Really, I couldnt find it anywhere for about an hour or so. Until my mom gets home from SM, I left it in the car. Stooooooopid. 

So how was your weekend so far? 

Oh and have you guys seen Toy Story 3? Seriously, go! I mean of course you will, I dont know anybody else who wouldnt want to watch that. But anyway, my friend texted me the night before If i wanted to hang out, and duuuude it takes us months before we see each other again! We all get pretty busy ;) But yeah it was good to see him again :) Since our movie doesn't start in like 4 hours, we visited the museum along with vitt and carlo. That was pretty random, and awesome. So we just chilled there and talked while waiting for the 2 other guys. My point, the movie is soooooo awesome. I dont get why they made us wait for 11 years for a sequel to toy story. Its hilarious throughout and uses slapstick comedy to make you laugh and cry at the same time. So, go see the movie! :D


Gosh. If I have a heart attack issue, I wouldve been dead by now. I thought i lost my phone. Really, I couldnt find it anywhere for about an hour or so. Until my mom gets home from SM, I left it in the car. Stooooooopid. So how was your weekend so far? Oh and have you guys seen Toy Story 3? Seriously, go! I mean of course you will, I dont know anybody else who wouldnt want to watch that. But anyway, my friend texted me the night before If i wanted to hang out, and duuuude it takes us months before we see each other again! We all get pretty busy ;) But yeah it was good to see him again :) Since our movie doesn't start in like 4 hours, we visited the museum. That was pretty random, and awesome. So we just chilled there and talked while waiting for the 2 other guys. My point, the movies sooooo awesome. I dont get why they made us wait for 11 years for a sequel to toy story. Its hilarious throughout and uses slapstick comedy to make you laugh and cry at the same time. So, go see the movie! :D


Lets see, a few months ago, I remember going to rockwell for a brasilipinas styling job. I suddenly remembered this sales lady from evita peroni, (I was gonna pull out one of their really pretty head piece which costs around 4,000php which was too much for me too lose) But anyway, I was with Bianx and this girl approached me saying she saw me from a magazine cover, which was really funny cause me and my friend was laughing it off and yet she kept insisting I was wearing red and my hair was like this and my pose was like that. We were like, Oh no, you got the person wrong then there, she insists again. Haha! It was supposed to be flattering but I looked my worst that day :))
Hello my friend! Today I had to go to WTC for MAFBEX, its a HRIM thing, just went cause my best friend invited me, lol. Anyway I've been looking for a sequins beanie hat for a long long long time i cant remember since when I wanted it but anyway I happen to find something similar at Aldo! Its a black sequins bonet and its so pretty! I wanna take a picture of it so I can show you but im so lazy to get up. I'm gonna wear that tomorrow when I meet up with kevs. Can I talk about college again? 

So yeah, guess what.. I'm back to i-dont-know-what-course-to-take. I wanted to try HRM or Export Mngt. Hahaha! T
heres two sides of courses im considering; 
A.) SDA: Production design/Interior 
 B.) Taft: HRM/EM/CDA 

 Rinig mo yun? CDA =)) AHAHAHAHHAA!


It's thursday people!

Since I dont think i'll be sleeping anytime soon, (finally the wifi is fixed!) I decided to blog. lol 

I'm talking to a good friend of mine, and come to a realization that people are plain shallow, self absorbed and stubborn. 

Period. I dont have to explain this. 

Bianca: May itsura naman sya ah. 
              Panget lang yung itsura nya. 
Claudine: I like that! I'll tweet it. 

I have a really big smile on my face right now, you'd probably think im an idiot for smiling alone in the dark and the light that only comes from the laptop screen. Thats because im talking to my friend about something thats called a 30mins relationship. Telling her ive moved on, hahaha! It started when I sent her a link on youtube and he looks so adorably cute with a puppy eyes while singing. AHAHAHAHAHHAHHAA! Well anyway, that's not most of it but that's all for now. Just thought maybe id give you an idea. 

 I CAN NOT SLEEP. WHAT IS WRONG WITH ME. My body clock is so @#&!%ed up, i can't sleep any time before 12. Let me tell you a little story, I used to sleep really early like around 9 im in bed already. But then I had a good friend back in highschool (we still are, well we became one again) and we used to talk around 10pm that goes on until 3am. We wont stop until he asks what time is it and we'd just decide when to stop, like in 10mins lets say our goodnights. And I guess thats how I got used to it. I kinda missed it though, we used to be really good friends and my ass of an ex was such a dick and "talked" to him and after that, pooof! hello friend But right now its good that things are starting to be back to normal :) He recently went to watch SATC and Prince of persia with me and my friends at rockwell.


 please email me at claudineaguon@yahoo.com 

 A floral dress isnt anything different, but where are those floral dress when you want them? Where are they when you finally appreciated that girly side of yours? So, I happen to find a really simple floral print at fabric warehouse earlier today, and thought that i'll just have it made. YES, thats how bad I want a floral dress to make an effort to have them made =)) I'm not a fashion trend setter. And sometimes i wish that i just am. But when i come to think of it, NAH!


Mom: Have you decided what course youre gonna take? 
Me: I'm thinking of production design. 
Mom: Why dont you just take a general course, like business management or HRIM? 
Me: There's no way im taking BM i dropped out of SFU remember? It's so boring. And I don't like cooking so no to HRIM. I dont see myself working in kitchens and i can't do desk jobs. 
Mom: So, what's your plans after production design? What job can you apply for? 
Me: A lot of stuffs. =)) Arts director, costume designer, those stuff. Heyy! I'm still gonna study at FIDM for fashion design. Re-mem-buh?! 
Mom: Okay, but this time no dropping out. You want your easy way out kasi eh, see what happens? You always end up not finishing what you've started. Kaya ito, last chance mo na mag aral. Madili na nga sa SFU, still you dropped out of school you didnt even tell me, yang SoFA na yan i dont know if you're even studying anything. All i hear is fashion show fashion show photo shoots. What kind of college is that? Everyone goes to college, 4 years yan and finish it. Gusto mo pa 2 year 2 year pa. Look at you, back to first year. You wasted so much money, kala mo ba mura tuition ng SFU at SoFA? Dollars ang SFU sinayang mo. I'm not playing around with you anymore. 
Me: Sigh. 

 I thought 2nd sem classes at CSB starts around august. Obviously, i was wrong. I'm starting to be really excited for school, like this time i swore to myself that i'd take it seriously. I will not drop any subjects if i find it boring, nor be late at classes. No more cuts I've had too much that It didn't feel like i was going to school. Yes, living the matronic lifestyle.


I was so close to fainting this morning.. Again. Im thinking of changing my phone, I dont really like it anymore.. Iphone? BB bold? Or that motorola side flip phone, thats simple. yeah. Siiiigh *************************************************************************************
This bulletin is going to be the best ever, you ready? I guess 
Have you ever watched superman? Uhyeah
Have you ever had sex in a car? yea
What is your opinion on brunettes that dye their hair blonde? Good for them
Do you have feelings for anyone? I wish I do
What are you doing tonight? dye my hair maybe
Whats the last thing you watched on tv? Possession
Whats the last thing you said out loud? Die fucker
Have you ever kissed someone who's name starts with a 'j'? Yeah
Whats the last movie you saw in theaters? Sex and the city.. wait no, Toy story 3 3D
What will you be doing after you have completed this? change my clothes
Who's bulletin did you last read? this and copy pasted
Do you have any pets? yea
Any siblings? yea
Do you think people read your bulletins just to find out things about you? dont care
Did you kiss anyone last weekend? Nahh
Would you have sex with the last person you texted? My seamstress????
Are you probably going to get hurt anytime soon? i dont think so
Are you the type of person who likes to be out or home? out
Did you hug or kiss anyone today? no
Have you ever fallen asleep in someones arms? yea
Who woke you up this morning? my alarm clock
When was the last time you said you were okay, but you really weren't? cant remember
Who knows you the best? no one
Today, would you rather go forward a week or back a week? forward a week
Is there anything stressing you out currently? yea
Your ex says they never even liked you, you say? thats fine you were never good in bed anywya
Do you think they would ever say that to you? No 
Do you remember who you liked on New Year's? yes
What's something you really want right now, be honest? I wanna go to BENCH uncut fashion show and see my friend on the runway
What's the first thing that pops into your mind when you think of last summer? Left home
Do you have someone who you can be your complete self around? yea
How would you feel if you saw the person you like/love kissing someone else? Numb
Have you ever wasted too much time on a certain boy or girl? yea
Have you held hands with anybody in the past week? yea
Honestly, who was the last person to tell you that they love you? my bestfriend, im singollll
When was the last time you went camping? long time ago
Do you like to sit around fires? no
Would you ever sleep outside on a picnic table? nope
Do you post every single picture you take on Facebook? a lot but not all of them
When was the last time you cried? cant remmeber
Do you enjoy eatting subway? yea
Describe your hair right now. its black and it feels diff
What are you wearing on your feet right now? barefoot
Do you cuss in front of your parents? no 
what is the last thing you bought at the store? sequins beanie from aldo 
Do you like the smell of gasoline? no
Think of the last person you kissed, did that person ever unbutton your pants? lmao
Are any of your friends virgins? yea
Your ex says leaving you was a mistake, you say? and you say that now huh
What time did you go to sleep last night and why? like 2am
Do you want things to change right now? no
Are you stressed out? no
When was the last time you threw up? last week
Who was the last person to emotionally hurt you? idk
Do you think too much or too little? to much
Do you think if you died, that the last person you kissed would even care? yea
Who is the last person you talked to on the phone? my seamstress
Has anyone let you down lately? no
Do you have any plans for tomorrow? yea my friends
Is it cute when a boyfriend/ girlfriend calls you baby? babe.
If the person you liked showed up to your door RIGHT NOW, how would you react? I dont know, he'll just have to show up then we'll see
Hi, person. Goodmorning, guess what I just googled today! Hmm, latest 5 books you read! Here's my list: CARRIE DIARIES The book basically covers carrie on her early days as a teenager before she met her awesome friends. Very highschool drama, A guy she knew from her childhood goes to her school and then he was giving her the flirty eyes, somewhat somewhere they ended up going out for a couple of months not until this guy started cheating on her with carrie's bestfriend blah blah blah i don't wanna spoil you by telling more so i suggest you go get your copy now. FASHION BABYLON This is a kind of book that you fashion people cant put down and I know you are going to love, its called Fashion Babylon. It exposes everything behind the scenes in the Fashion industry and gives out many secrets, like why is yellow trendy this year and next year its green? who decides that? How can a bag that costs $40 be sold for $4000? Interested in fashion or not, You'll end up learning more about what goes on behind the scenes of the fashion industry and how much it takes to produce a collection. So, go read! I super recommend this book. THAT EXTRA HALF AN INCH I have to be honest and say that this book was better than I expected. I got this book over a year now but its only a few weeks ago that i took time to read it. Probably because I find it somehow similar to The little black book Read it too!:) Its 311 pages long, with lots of lovely photos of her (colour and black and white) - any fan into collecting photos of her could love this book for that reason alone. Chapters are split into jeans, tops, skirts/dresses, accessories, parties, vacations, winter, special occasions, pregnancy, lingerie, shopping, make up/hair and at the back there is a Where To Buy section with tons of websites. In conclusion therefore I have to say I liked it. It's a self-indulgent book - read it without expecting TOO much. You'll find a lot of other books that are similar to this. LOVE, ROSIE This book was suggested from a friend and so I read it any way. This is a different kind of love story, written and narrated in letters by two people who doesn't realize they are in love with each other until they got married with other people. It started when they were kinds up until their old days. Very romantic :) LA CANDY This my friend, was written by Lauren Conrad. (Yes i know its obvious) I love Lauren so much that I was expecting more from this book. If you've watched Laguna Beach and The Hills, I suggest you may want to skip this book. It basically narrates what happened. It kind of seem like an autobiography of her (Is it??) But other that that, its a quick read type of book. L.A. Candy provides an inside look at celebrity lifestyles, what goes on behind the scenes, and how someone's life can be ruined in a second, like at the flip of a switch.


Right about 10mins ago, I was perusing Google in the hopes of finding some interesting blog topics for my blog today (Trust me, you google every single thing when you're bored. At least that's what I do) 
One topic I found particularly interesting was the one labeled "College: Before, during and after." 
It got me thinking that there is just too much in my head and i can go on and on about this one, so lets see how I keep up!

Lets see, First: I know that im gonna lose a lot of weight (Well im still hoping) I'm gonna be in class for most of time and stu-dying and and well, theres not much of those spare time to pig out for me. That's just my theory and proven; Just stating the obvious. How else can you find time to eat when you're mostly at school. 

Mkay, Nuf about eating. Notice how this is the first thing that came through my mind, HA! It just is, ever since i finished highschool, i just had too much spare time. And I lack discipline, I DOOOOOO! =)) And then I enjoy my teenage life. When I was at SoFA, I kindof skipped the part where I was actually a teenager. I mean, I love it at SoFA. I love my friends, I love the school, I love everything there is to love. My friends and I are not quite in the same batch though, but we clicked anyway. They all graduated and experienced college, and I haven't. 

So anyway, my point, I'm gonna have that soon! If im boring you, you're free to click the X box on your upper right corner of your screen :) I also hmm, wait, I gotta stop. WELL DURING COLLEGE I'D HAVE TO BLOG ABOUT THAT WHEN IM ACTUALLY IN COLLEGE ALREADY, STEPPING INSIDE THE CLASSROOM, BEING ON THE GROUNDS. lol, i can't believe im saying that. My mom told me that i have to go to college, dont get me wrong, SoFA is of course, a school afterall its just, different. No Minors. No maths, No english No all thats. There is heh, business class? which is fashion merchandising. Oh i forgot, there's also a math.. Fashion math. I just have to blog the one after this, SO I WOULDN'T FORGET ABOUT IT AND SLACK OFF. (you can ignore me) 

I'm taking Production design to get over college here in manila, go to LA and study at FIDM or go to Paris for Esmod. (That is my plan, and so far my mom doesn't have any say in it) Its just that, FIDM would be more favorable for me and my brother since he's going to Stanford or UCLA. (GOSH, Were both going to college, =| =|) But anyway, that's my plan. And what I want to happen, I always find a way to make it happen. Believe me, it started with small things ;) SOOO! Lets say im studying at FIDM with the most awesome people, im gonna get a part time job as well. this is gonna be so much fun! Actually before everything happened, I wasnt planning on telling my mom i wanna be there, Im saving up for my plane ticket and some extra cash and once im there DUHH theres such thing as STUDENT LOAN. lol, anyway ive written too much. Im really talkative, like i really talk a loooot. Its kinda annoying sometimes. ;) Mkay, Goodnight folks ;)


For who ever this person was: 
Please, don't ask me something that is not so nice in my formspring regarding jovic susim. So if you were also yhe one who asked if i was related to him, that question was answered. Thank you =)

ANYANYANYANYANYWAAAAY! My mom and I had a talk this morning, she's giving me my very very very last chance to really tske school seriously. (oh oh btw, Here's my summary: I did not take any other entrance exams aside from CSB, my mom didnt like it, I studied at SFU, I loved it for 2 weeks, I watched a fashion show, I knew what I really wanted, I dropped out of SFU without my mom knowing, I called SoFA, applied accepted check, Schools okay, Im really pasaway, left home, now im back, and now im having a talk with my mom. LOL)

Back to the ANYANYANYlalalaWAY, So she asked me what my other interests was, and eeeep silence. I said, nothing else but designing styling achuchuchu *wink. So there there there she counsel me with blah blah You should get your life together, Get another course and blah blah. (Trust me, she did more than this) And there, I asked her, Can I study at FIDM or Esmod afterwards? And she said, If that's what you really want then, yes. you can! So, College, Books? Do they even have books? Or hand-outs? Whatever.. Sigh, Really... I haven't even held a notebook for a really long time, let alone go to school early morning and study math or history or what nots. Listen to the teacher go blah blah this and that Dismissed YAY!. I remember highschool I told my history teacher that I dont need to learn history cause im not gonna die if i dont know anything about it and its not like it has anything to do with my future =)) And oh, did I mention I hate first days? Seriously, I'm not at all friendly looking. I don't smile to people. I don't kiss ass to make friends. I dont blend in easily. Im a total snob. Oh, and I'm gonna be this what they call "irreg" so my schedule isn't really the same with everyone else. They will have their own block, and I... alone. ARGHHHH! :| 

Oh and guess what, I'm a FROSH. Yes, starting over again. For the 3rd time. YAY. After a year of misunderstood undecided teenager, I'm now.. gonna go, well at least try my hardest to love school. and go to school. and study, like really. I never really liked studying. School's not for everyone, including me. Ok, Bye now. Phew! I was able to say that out loud. HA!


"pwde q pu b mhingi no. ni kua j0vic,, pnapngako q po, nding ndi q po ipamimigay.. promise po,, " Dear, I'm so sorry but I'm in no place to be giving out his or anyones number. Ask him yourself.


Mom: ba't amoy sigarilyo dito?
Me: Di naman ah
Mom: Naninigarilyo ka na naman ba?
Me: Wala ngang amoy!
Mom: Eh beer ba't amoy beer dito?
Me: Ask jude.
 Jude: HEHEHEHE MOMMY :"> Things I shall do to keep me busy:
and another workshop.
Sketch/Draw on my free time.
Practice Practice Sewing so my machine will at least be used.
Fitness First.
 and still thinking whats next in line :)



say something to the first person you kissed this year?
It was nice to meet you :)

who was the last person you hugged?
My brother :D

do you currently have a hickey?
No sir.

do you break things when you are mad?
Well, i break things even when im not mad

what is your phone a flip or slide?

what are you looking forward to in the next month?
July, hmm my friends birthday party and the white party :)

have you ever in anyway, been betrayed by someone you trust?

what was the first thing you thought about when you woke up?
I just wanna go back to bed

does it bother you when people bring up your past?
Depends on what it is.

next time you will kiss someone?
Hmmm ;)

do you hate the last person you kissed?
Nope :)

have you ever done something you told yourself you wouldn’t do?
But I did anyway, 

were you single last summer?
No, next question.

would you ever get a tattoo?

would you be able to date someone who doesn’t make you laugh?

when you’re being kissed do you like it when they hold your face?
(To whos blog did i get this survey thing again)

who last texted you?
For the day, none. My phone was off for the whole day 

what’s your favourite part of school?

have you ever thought about giving up on someone but couldn’t?
every fucking day of my life

do you believe in kissing when you’re not together yet?

is the person you last texted single?

do you think its cute when someone kisses your forehead?
Yeah, i do

last person you kissed calls you, what are they calling you for?
What will I be doing later

who was the last person who upset you a lot?
Not that I remember anyone

name something you dislike about the day you’re having?
I havent bought anything for myself aside from french fries

if you are being extremely quiet, what does that mean?
Usually thinking.

is your bed against more than one of your walls?
Wow, youre good.

have you ever been in a perfect relationship?
No, cause if i was then id still be in the relationship

if you could have something right now, what would it be?
A replacement for my itouch, my moms already asking me where it is

what are you doing for your birthday this year?
the usual, throw a party

did you have any unread text messages this morning when you woke up?
I dont know, scroll up. it was off the whole day, until now.

is it easy to make you cry? yes

your brother tells you he’s in jail, what do you say?
What the fuck are you doing in jail 

have you ever saved a text because it was special to you?

have you told anyone you love them today?
Not yet but now i will 

did you kiss or hug anyone in the last 24 hours?
Yes, in church this morning. ahihihihi

do you find it easier to forgive or forget?
I usually forget so I forgive anyway

do you have a teddy bear? Apparently i dont, but id love to have one. The ones i have is really really big and its not something id like to hug at night. and i gave it away.

when was the last time someone let you down?
2 minutes ago

is this year the best year of your life?
I hope it will be

what’s the last thing to make you laugh?
I cant really remember

what ever given your all to someone who walked away?
Uhm yeah but not enough

do you want to get married and have kids one day?

what are your plans for tomorrow?
fabric shopping



I decline friend request from freaky people, or leave it pending. I just don't like the idea of being connected to people that I don't personally know. I'm no one, and definitely the average girl you see strolling with friends, So if you were declined... don't be the one saying "Pasalamat ka pa nga in-add ka eh" So I'm sorry if you were one That's just not me. And please, no creepy message in my inbox.


forgot to buy my cosmo june issue, are they even released yet? *cross fingers* cause preview magazine, well im not exactly sure but its usually released on the second week. but oh well, Steven Silva is there, might wanna check that out ;)




And yes, im also starting to tweet again! I downloaded the app on my BB so im twittering now! again. I deleted my old account http://twitter.com/aguon16 so unfollow unfollow unfollow that and follow http://twitter.com/claudineaguon
My last tweet was about a month ago so yeah, ill be updating my twitter :)



Im back to formspring! I need to spice up the rest of my summer, im really really really bored and I just love your questions! :D