Gosh. If I have a heart attack issue, I wouldve been dead by now. I thought i lost my phone. Really, I couldnt find it anywhere for about an hour or so. Until my mom gets home from SM, I left it in the car. Stooooooopid. 

So how was your weekend so far? 

Oh and have you guys seen Toy Story 3? Seriously, go! I mean of course you will, I dont know anybody else who wouldnt want to watch that. But anyway, my friend texted me the night before If i wanted to hang out, and duuuude it takes us months before we see each other again! We all get pretty busy ;) But yeah it was good to see him again :) Since our movie doesn't start in like 4 hours, we visited the museum along with vitt and carlo. That was pretty random, and awesome. So we just chilled there and talked while waiting for the 2 other guys. My point, the movie is soooooo awesome. I dont get why they made us wait for 11 years for a sequel to toy story. Its hilarious throughout and uses slapstick comedy to make you laugh and cry at the same time. So, go see the movie! :D

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