If he's that hot for you he will become untaken and pursue you.

I have been blog-MIA for the longest time ever.

This past few weeks have been by far my laziest week ever. I didn't really had a reason to skip almost all my classes last week but I find a reason to anyway; No uniform. But Im catching up this week, i went to almost all my classes except NSTP and wordproc, hihi im dropping both! :D

I've had too much cable car, there are nights that me and my friends we'll be like, oh lets go somewhere else blah blah but we end up going to cable anyway. Oh like this one time, last tuesday, we planned a movie night at my condo, but yeaaah, it was beer pong night. We ran out of beers so we went to cable after.

Hay na ko.. Then someone asked me in formspring about partying too much asking for attention blah blah blah. Guess what, if you've actually been to cable, you wouldn't really say that. The place is really chill and funn! thats what I like about it! Like you dont have to dress up or whatever. Like my usual clothes; hoodies jeans and sneakers. See! Thats not exactly counted as partying right? =)) So what if I like going thereee. Sorry kasi! :))