say something to the first person you kissed this year?
It was nice to meet you :)

who was the last person you hugged?
My brother :D

do you currently have a hickey?
No sir.

do you break things when you are mad?
Well, i break things even when im not mad

what is your phone a flip or slide?

what are you looking forward to in the next month?
July, hmm my friends birthday party and the white party :)

have you ever in anyway, been betrayed by someone you trust?

what was the first thing you thought about when you woke up?
I just wanna go back to bed

does it bother you when people bring up your past?
Depends on what it is.

next time you will kiss someone?
Hmmm ;)

do you hate the last person you kissed?
Nope :)

have you ever done something you told yourself you wouldn’t do?
But I did anyway, 

were you single last summer?
No, next question.

would you ever get a tattoo?

would you be able to date someone who doesn’t make you laugh?

when you’re being kissed do you like it when they hold your face?
(To whos blog did i get this survey thing again)

who last texted you?
For the day, none. My phone was off for the whole day 

what’s your favourite part of school?

have you ever thought about giving up on someone but couldn’t?
every fucking day of my life

do you believe in kissing when you’re not together yet?

is the person you last texted single?

do you think its cute when someone kisses your forehead?
Yeah, i do

last person you kissed calls you, what are they calling you for?
What will I be doing later

who was the last person who upset you a lot?
Not that I remember anyone

name something you dislike about the day you’re having?
I havent bought anything for myself aside from french fries

if you are being extremely quiet, what does that mean?
Usually thinking.

is your bed against more than one of your walls?
Wow, youre good.

have you ever been in a perfect relationship?
No, cause if i was then id still be in the relationship

if you could have something right now, what would it be?
A replacement for my itouch, my moms already asking me where it is

what are you doing for your birthday this year?
the usual, throw a party

did you have any unread text messages this morning when you woke up?
I dont know, scroll up. it was off the whole day, until now.

is it easy to make you cry? yes

your brother tells you he’s in jail, what do you say?
What the fuck are you doing in jail 

have you ever saved a text because it was special to you?

have you told anyone you love them today?
Not yet but now i will 

did you kiss or hug anyone in the last 24 hours?
Yes, in church this morning. ahihihihi

do you find it easier to forgive or forget?
I usually forget so I forgive anyway

do you have a teddy bear? Apparently i dont, but id love to have one. The ones i have is really really big and its not something id like to hug at night. and i gave it away.

when was the last time someone let you down?
2 minutes ago

is this year the best year of your life?
I hope it will be

what’s the last thing to make you laugh?
I cant really remember

what ever given your all to someone who walked away?
Uhm yeah but not enough

do you want to get married and have kids one day?

what are your plans for tomorrow?
fabric shopping

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