I don't know if i'm tired or i'm just really sleepy. I woke up 6am today to drop off my brother at school then back home to get ready, dress up.. 11am call time for Look Magazine's photo shoot at Oakwood, Ortigas. But as usual, we were late. Well, me and alice. It was a fun shoot! We get to dress up the model, steam the clothes, Tape the sole's shoes etc.. Unfortunately I cant post any pictures yet until the magazine is out.. Of course. I will upload them as soon as I can already.. =) 
The model (Jen) was very pretty and superrrr thin! Like I cant imagine anyone who would be THAT thin. Plus her hair? Its ass long! Hahaha!
Well good night now, I'm really tired.. and full. I had shabu shabu for lunch and burgoo for dinner at rockwell with my 2 girlfriends. I am so fuuuull. I cant move. Lol kbye! :**


Have you seen Nina Ricci's Stuperfying shoes?

Well I'm sure you have.
Nina Ricci designer OlivierTheyskens =)


I was tagged on this two photos. I just like to share them cause its so so awesome to own one of these :)

 Lala's Christian Louboutin Rollerball Loafers 
a birkin to go with louboutins!


M E E T  J E N N Y  H U M P H R E Y
          On the first of Gossip Girl, Jenny Humphrey did not have a distinct style in fashion – typical upper east; dress, knee high socks, and a hairband.  Next season she transformed herself and became a rockin chic! Rocking a new haircut, bolder eye makeup and a lot of new fabulous clothes!A lot of blacks and touch of pink or any striking color in every outfit. (Thats just what I notice)There’s a lot that goes in to the Jenny’s new look. As an up-and-coming fashion designer still under the age of 18, she wants to look sophisticated, fashion-forward, and maybe just a few years older than she is. But Jenny can’t afford a wardrobe filled 100% with designer clothes so she makes most of her clothing herself which is really money worthy. She's very creative and I like how she let the viewers know that you dont have to spend a lot of money to be in fashion. I also like how she found her style and proves that she doesn't have to dress up the same as all the other girls.
            I know a lot of people (Well, I've read on blogs. Ha!) who doesn't agree to her new look, mainly because she looks like she turned from good girl to the bad girl image. As for me, I think its really cool how she alters her image from classy to having the punk rock look. Its fun to be rebellious sometimes, you know? 


Mara Hoffman Resort 2011

                Bold and youthful. These are just some pieces from Mara Hoffman's collection. I was google-ing swim suits and I happen to land here, Aren't they amaziiiiiing?  Vivid colors and prints makes her wearer hard to miss. The cuts were one of a kind and fabrics used is really a head turner in fashion. In designing, I find swimsuit the hardest. No, scratch that.. the most challenging.  You basically have 1 type of silhouette to play around with. Unlike dresses or any other pieces that can be sketched with different drapes. If I were this stick thin, boyyyy, I'd get the blue/orange strap wrap around body swim suit or whatever its called. Oh wait, no.. I dont look good in orange. Haha! But hey, here's another still shot I found: (Although its not from Mara Hoffmans its still rockin chic, I loveee!!) 

YESSSSSS!! Its Ed Hardy. My dream. Thats why I really regret when I didn't buy one when I went to the states last summer. Studs and graphics are just so me. lol. Really, Hahaha! I'm not a girly girl and this swim suits doesnt have girly girl written all over you, its.. how do I say this, I'll-kick-your-ass-later kind. Or something like that, better than what I just said. Hee!

*These photos are from Mercedez Benz Fashion Show*


Not that its anyones business but, I FINALLY FOUND A LACE STOCKINGS. Seriously, I looked everywhere! Topshop Zara even People are People. Oh! and SM department stores! Its either out of stock or they just really dont have it. Or im just really unlucky. So then I just gave up. But earlier today I was at festival with my friends and before we go home, we happen to drop by at ATC.. I had no intentions of dropping by topshop cause I have limited money with me at that time so I'm really trying to avoid it. But human nature wants me there, so be it.. And then there it is! the lace stockings ive been looking for everywhere. 

sorry, such a lame story. I'm just so inlove with it right now.. Not the trend, but I dont care. I want thisssss!! :))
Do I sound that crazy? Lol


Haute Couture Fall 2010: John Paul Gaultier

How can you not love John Paul Gaultier? 
The pieces were really incredibly strange yet  amazing.  I really love how the silhouettes came together.  This is a complete haute couture done rock n roll! =)

I really wanna have a trench coat as hot as this! 
If you know me, you'd probably know how much I'm in love with leather and this dress has done the exact thing to me. 
Now THIS is what we call a JPG haute couture. rounded shoulders and hips made it sexy and her hair completes the look.
I'm not a fan of silk fabrics but this is just beyond amazing.
This is a kind of dress I want to be wearing when I go someplace fancy. I can not explain furthermore how much I want to have this.
OH! let's not forget this, its very chic and simple but the shoulders really emphasized the drapes on the dress. I wanna have this in black too! I dont do good with colors. Ahihihi

Such a happy picture I say.. I found this while I was deleting some of my files and thought that I should post it anyway... 
at Kristella G's house for Mad Passion photo shoot. 
     click this to check some of mad passion's hot stuffs.




Have you seen Skins? (a fan here! lol) Anyway, I actually just finished with the 4th season last week although I've watched it way before. But yeah, point is, there will be a US version of Skins! The casting was done and started filming last week, it was said that the pilot of the show was also filmed last week so no doubt that the show wont be aired until around september or so.. (A photo below showing the cast although none of us are sure of course as to who plays who) 
Honestly, I'm far from impressed. I don't think it will ever be good as the original. Wait, no. I think its a terrible idea. The cast looks way too young to even attempt to be as good as the original. America isn't daring enough to go where skins goes. I have an idea that this is just going to be watered down and poor attempt imitation of british teenage life which will only result to lameness. 

But i'll stay tuned anyway. Let's see how it goes, Prove me wrong US SKINS :)
This two will always be compared and I'm sorry, US version, I just dont think you'll measure up.
I'm guessing Tony is the one with the leather jacket, Sid with the beanie hat, Chris is probably the long haired dude, Michelle is the one next to who i think tony is, Haha okay I should stop.

I have two things to keep me sane at this moment, wiggles and a bunch of dvds.

i want more more more wiggles! It's soooo yummy.
I was fixing all my scattered dvds in my room, these are actually just half of it. The other half is somewhere around the house and/or still in its cases. 
P.S: there are all pirated. Mostly series. Hahaha


My own photo tutorial on how to distress old pair of jeans.

you need an old pair of jeans
then mark the part where you want it to be distressed
you also need some clip ons, a cutter and a sand paper (a nail file will do)
rip the jeans off with cutter, use the clip ons so it can stay in place. As for me, I used the end part of the jeans for trial. 
*dont forget to put a card board inside to avoid ripping the other side of the jeans
then use the sand paper to scrape the excess threads that came off
Finish product! Repeat on the other marks you've made on the jeans. =)
(If the jeans is stretchable, this is how the result will look like. So please use the ones that are not stretchable)
Ohh! You might wanna try bleaching them too! Bleach the sides of the distressed part and wash them right away before it gets too white. Ahihihihi ;;)
On white shorts: The style of this shorts is already meant to be this way. 
But I scraped this back part to show you how it's going to look like if the fabric is not stretchable =)