Facebook is like a jail.
You sit around, waste time.
have a profile picture, write on walls
and get poked by guys you dont really know.


I take it back, Thursday really is a happy thursday.

Algebra at 9:45am; booo I was late :( speaking of, I have to look for my seatwork or I dont get credit for it!!!
Went back to my condo at 10:40; dismissed early!!

Okay, originally, I was planning to cut my ordev class to go shopping. (but I've been really really trying my best to save, this is the last na.) Well yeah, plan was to leave taft at 11 then be back to school by 6 for my next class which is comsk2x. So there, supposedly, I will only have one cut for the day.

I asked my friend Bryant to come with, and so of course he'd go. But I had to wait for him after ordev class so then I decided to go as well. But I felt so comfortable not wearing my corpo attire already, so I ended up cutting in anyway.

We (carmina, bryant, gabe, dean, and pat-drove us! yay!) went to mega maaaaall! It was so hassle cause when we got there, me and carmina went straight to F21 cause the boys wanted to eat first and just come follow after. That's what I thought. I only had like what, an hour to freaking shop. Aughhh then I got a text saying "meet us in the car now" Aughhhhhh that was really annoying. I replied saying i'm paying already but I was actually strolling pa.

Anyway I made it to my 8pm class!! It's really 745 but I got there at 8 and I wasn't marked late. yay!! Hahaha! I haaate that prof, not him. But him as a prof! He talks so much!!! Like let's say materialism, he takes about 15 minutes for that WORD alone discussing it. It's really starting to get boring na. He relates it to every freaking thing in this big ass world. But other than that, I can say that he's a really really good prof and he's smart. It's just that, it's a night class! Please. :| =))

I got home at around 10, I swear. I'm like a ninja =)) I was able to shower, fix myself in like 20minutes.
then of course, cable car after! It's my first time there, and it actually looks really fun. I wish I know how to play beer pong though =))


First 5 things that comes to my mind that...

That I hate.
1. I hate going to school to study, I just wanna hang out.
2. I hate thinking hard. The thoughts thats on the tip of your tongue but cant get it out.
3. I hate being told to do stuff.
4. I hate having dress codes and those rules in school.
5. I hate getting fat and fatter and fatter and more more fats in all parts of the body.
That I cant stand.
1. Attention seekers in all places.
2. Music that's on loud speaker while on a bus ride when I'm trying to sleep.
3. Stepping on wet floors. barefoot. or wearing socks, or stockings.
4. Dogs barking in the middle of the night.
5. Nails/Tires or anything that screeches.
That I love.
1. I love my love ones, obviously duuuuuuh!
2. I love my phone, im emotionally attached okay.
3. I love going on a diet but I never succeed.
4. I love facebook and twitter.
5. I love things that sparkle, strike out, and out of place. or awkward and weird looking stuff.
That I would trade my life for. (no, not really. I cherish my life)
1. A tour around the world with unlimited money.
2. All designer stuff, like everything. From popular to nots.
3. Superawesomepowers or doraemon's ability to have everything like kaboooom! its there.
4. To be able to speak at least 5 other languages excluding Tagalog and English.
5. To have a small apetite. No, joke. Like I want to eat anything I can without getting fat. THERE!

That was a very useless post. lol

I have this guy best friend back in high school, We used to do a lot of stuff together. He was my ex bf's best friend that in time, became my best friend too. Anyway, we got so closed. The three of us would go out a lot. lol But yeah, we grew apart but we're good of couse. I met up with him yesterday and told me that he's moving to Canada to continue his college. It's just so sad cause I haven't really hung out with him anymore and now he's leaving, for good. Sighhhhhhh.
FINE, goodnight now. I have a freaking 9am to 9pm sched tomorrow!
-It's actually 9:45am but saying 9 to 9 makes it sounds more hassle. Hahahahaha! I like exaggerating okay.

Diet, failed.

Diet always always start tomorrow. But I managed to start today. (Not literally today today)  Aughh But I feel like I'm not losing weight. Okay, maybe I lose a lb or two then destroy my progress for the next few days. I cant even say its a progress its more like a fluctuation. I started to eat heavy breakfast and skip lunch and have a light dinner, I was able to keep up for maybe, a few days or so. Then I go home and my mom cooks this really really good food, How can I skip that right? So I let myself have a taste, then I continued doing so for the next few days, then I start on my diet again. Its never really constant. It's so annoying that I get this weak. Well, there are really times that I get emotional about my weight. I'm so tired of being fat. 

sorry i'm such a negative person.



AWWWESOME things. My class doesnt start until later at 7:45pm till 9:15pm ONLY and I got my money today! But I'm thinking of just saving it.
SAAAAAD things. - My class starts at 8:00am tomorrow morning and I've been sitting here browsing on a lot of good clothes/shoes. I'm so sad! :(

1. I want to see what later is gonna look like then go back to now.
2. I want to stop going to school but continue seeing my friends.
3. I want to have a lot of money and no credit card limits that I don't have to pay for.
4. I want to have the 16 candles from the 16 wishes disney movie.
5. I want to experience for a day or two how it's gonna be like when I'm the President of this big ass world, not just a country.
6. I want to go to Disney world, but I want to be 12 when I have a chance to.
7. I want to be as creative as Phineas and Ferb.
8. and as smart as Jimmy Neutron.
9. I want to make something big as facebook.
10. I want to travel outside space.
11. I want to meet my suuuuuuuper crushes Zac Efron, Chace Crawford, Ian Somerhalder, Asher Book, Logan Lerman, Zach Roeri, Michael Travino, Johnny Pacar, Jonathan Bennett icangoonandonandon but I have to stop.
12. I want to be anorexic.
13. I want to be famous for something worth being famous about.
14. I want to have breakfast in bed at Paris, lunch in Japan and back home for dinner.
15. I want to have hannah montana's closet, not her clothes. its rotating walk in closet!!

16. I want to have all the things I cant think of right now, surprise me!

but in life, you dont always get what you want. lol its sad. boooo.


auuugh. I wish I have all the money in the world so I wont think of the need to save :| :(

Of course.

 "The Parents Television Council has branded the US re-make of the British teen drama “the most dangerous programme ever for children” for its scenes of a sexual nature involving minors and references to drugs and alcohol."
“Every single advertiser who sponsored the premiere episode of Skins is not only endorsing but glorifying teen drug and alcohol abuse, not to mention a plethora of baseless sexual content,”


I've seen the british version, and I knew the time I heard about this US version, its not gonna be as good.
I remember blogging about this one before it aired. lol kbye!!


Everyone has a choice, but not everyones an option.

You had a choice, & you chose the "Im-so-coolI-dont_need-anymore-friend-chasing". Not that were involved in any romantic way of course, but the least you could do was salvage the friendship. I was the option that comes in two buttons, click-able to friend on and off. Friend mode on where you can talk to whenever when you feel like it and only when you feel like it cause you feel like it. Maybe ignore is a bit too much but I cant come up with anything better to describe it as it is. I wanted to apologize but I realize I done know exactly what I would be apologizing for. I guess maybe I just want to apologize for the sake of skipping this cold war and hoping that after I do, everything will just go back to how it used to be. 

After the weeks that passed, I knew that everything I prayed for isn't going to happen. I've always been weak and needy. Needy of my friends attention whenever I'm down. And right now in college, I'm not getting it. Not as much as high school where all my friends attention was on me and my situation. The ones when I dont have to say Ooh Im sad blah blah blah but they'll just know. I was very selfish. And I really feel bad about myself. 

Its just that
A. I just have to fucking grow up and learn to take things lightly, RELAX! And dont put too much effort on something thats obviously hopeless.
B. It's college, no one really cares whats up with you. Everyone has their own thing going on so not all the attentions on you like a snotty little brat. Just thank God that he's always there when everyones not.
C. Stop being a conniving bitch.


Sorry for the really bad photo quality, I can't find my camera so I took it from my phone instead =)
anyway Id you find any that you like, feel free to email me at claudine_aguon16@yahoo.com

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"Fashion is a form of ugliness so intolerable that we have to change it every six months." 

- Oscar Wilde


2010 was indeed memorable.

            So tonight im trying to recap the year  2010, my initial thought was to talk about what happened in between. But then I realized that I'd first talk about the most amazing friends I met. 2010 was a really crazy year for me. I'd much rather recap the year through images along with a lil discription bout it. Some of them may be someone I've known from highschool or might be even people I've only met once or twice, or someone whom i hung out for the meantime. So, before I say anything else, here is how my 2010 looked like and how they helped me made it memorably crazy :)
LF1W. ALWAYS. You guys always made me feel like I'm a part of your block <3 And I really love hanging with you all. 

 SOFAB. I was the only minor one when am with them, I admit, it was awkward at first cause I was never really with a group whos like not my age bracket. But we all clicked anyways. And although I dont get to talk or hang with them no more, I will never ever forget them =)

Even though I hung out with them for the shortest time, All those times have been fckingass crazy. 

College friends! Whooooo AND MORE TO COME! =)


  And of course these girls, When you think about it (and when you actually know us from high school, we were never really close, i mean yeah we're close but it was only towards the end of the senior year) These are the girls who I share everything with. No secrets. As for paulina, even though she's not in the Philippines, we still managed to talk everyday! WHY? BBM! So nothing really changed:)

Books line up to read this term break.

I remember buying this on the first week of december but havent had the chance to start on them. 
So term break it is! :)

A very happy thursday,

Tagaytay for Lunch at Leslies with some of my most amazing friends at CSB
(Dennise, Mark, Gabe, Bryant, Karlo and Pat)
Then Central Taft right after
(Kristella, Carmina, Dean, Bryant, Mark, Dennise, Dan, Alex, Matt, Raffy, Ced and his friends)
The night isnt over yet, went to Sherwood to continue drinking.


So someone sent me this link, Sounds familiar? =) INTENSE.
seriously, I know you know nothing about my situation BUT READ IT. HAHAHAHAHA! This person must be really really REALLY mad.

I have royally fucked you over and you have absolutely no idea, and it is disgusting how fantastic that makes me feel. I dated your ex-boyfriend for SIX MONTHS and he loved me, and you don’t know it. I fixed him after you, being your usual selfish, bitch-ass self, broke him.

You are far from being over him, VERY far. But after he broke up with you, because you told him you had sleepovers with other guys, you promptly hooked up with said guy, and then lost your virginity to a douche bag we went to high school with. And then you STILL expect him to want to be with you again?!

Your breakup was a long time coming, and all of his friends and all your friends knew it. He treated you like the spoiled princess you wish you were because he loved you, and you demanded it. He would’ve given you the world, but you never ever deserved it, not from him. He is an amazing person. Sure, people make mistakes, but you made one and would not own up to it, which just made it worse. Maybe if you were more patient and less annoying and needy, he might have taken you back by now. But no, you are psychotic so you felt the need to TORTURE him constantly.

Well guess what, bitch? You lose. You are one of the most immature people I’ve ever known, and part of your immaturity is your annoying competitiveness. I’ve never played any type of game with you because you’re so fucking annoying when you play them because you NEED to win. Like, shut the fuck up, it’s a game. That is a terrible quality. I love the fact that I can say that I WIN THIS ONE! He is one thing that I had, that you will never have again. He and I had a relationship that encompassed a hell of a lot of things that you don’t even know how to feel about another person, as well as some things that you wouldn’t DO (that you lie about, and tell people you’ve done) that I have done. I fucking win.

And there is no way you can ever top me, not when it comes to the boy. The boy you loved and lost, and the boy I loved and lost. I took away lots of amazing lessons from that relationship, as all normal people do when they lose something dear to them, but some great things I felt when our relationship was over was that you would never get what you wanted with him. You text him all the time, claiming to just be friendly, but we both know that it’s just you wanting to pick fights with him and somehow try to get him back. I will win this bet. You will not be back together with him. He’s too good for you. And I’m too good for you.

That’s why I haven’t talked to you in a month. I have been DYING to tell you how much of a selfish fucking bitch I think you are, but I don’t have the heart to say it because I know that you’ll revel in the abuse. You LOVE being the victim, and I just can’t allow that kind of satisfaction on your end. Wow, I really wish you could see how much the guys think you’re crazy, I have no idea why they won’t just stop inviting you places. I guess they need to at least hang out with one girl.

I just love you you IM me on skype, feigning concern over what’s going on in my life, when you really have selfish motives. You think that he and I were together, and I’m keeping that secret more for his sake than mine, so I will not admit it to you. You complain about how I don’t tell you when big things are going on in my life, like when the most impactful relationship I’ve ever had ended, because you see my facebook statuses that were sad because I was sad.

But you were not concerned about if I was okay, you were concerned that it had something to do with your ex. Which it did. But I can’t tell you. And I made sure that you knew that my sadness had NOTHING to do with you, because he is your EX boyfriend, therefore has nothing to do with you. We did not break up because of the stress that keeping our relationship a secret caused, we did not break up because we felt bad for you, we broke up because as much as we were in love adn wanted to be together, our timing sucked. And that fucking sucks because we were amazing, better than you ever were. He told me over and over how I was an upgrade from you, how when we were intimate it was like he was feeling desire for real for the first time. He really said that, “So this is what it’s like to really want to be with somebody.”

He is not yours. He was, for a long time. And he was mine for a while. But now he is his own person. Please let him be. Stop forcing him to stoop to your level and argue about things that don’t matter. I try to help you, instead of telling you all of this, and I regret it every second because girl, you need a real big dose of reality so you can get out of your fucking fairytale land. It doesn’t exist. Nothing revolves around you except for yourself. I love that you are alone. Maybe it’ll teach you a lesson. God knows you need it.


This is so frustrating. I have 3 finals for tomorrow starting at 8am. 8AM DO YOU HEAR ME!!! I cant even get up earlier than 10. SIGHHH! To make things worst, NSTP is my first. I seriously dont like that subject. No, I hate it. Its boring. Its disgusting. Hehe, Okay OA lang ako. But I really dont like it :(( Every NSTP, I just sit, phone and doodle on my notes (not nstp notes, i dont write notes) then leave, go to the cafeteria, buy food, go back, eat. Then go out, sit outside, go back inside. Yay! Dismissed! Its the same cycle ever NSTP. What I'm trying to say is that, I WAS PLANNING TO STUDY FOR NSTP TOMORROW MORNING BEFORE NSTP, AND HOW AM I SUPPOSED TO DO THAT IF THE EXAMS AT 8AM. FML.


2011, Im ready! Oh it is on!

And so I've made my New years Resolution, I never really made effort in making these things but this year will be an exception, cause its gonna be awezum!
  • save more money: LEARN to save. Cause honestly, I don’t save. Confession: I'm a one day millionaire. So my goal for this year is to save save save!
  • know my priorities: AKA have limits, for those of you who knows me, no side comments please! Haha! I'm trying here. 
  • learn to forget: we're not in grade school claude, so all this BS trying to get even, doesnt work anymore.
  • say hello to fitness first: since they make it so damn complicated to terminate it that I'm still holding onto it, and paying of course. So to make it worth, duuuh USE.  
  • APPRECIATE. yeah, I said it. Be more appreciative and I know I am of course, but show my appreciation. hihihi 
  • have a passion: Well ofcourse I do, what I meant was do something about it.
  • KEEP A DIARY: or at least the starbucks planner will do, keep track of everything that happen each day, its nice to have something to look back at. and laugh at it later on.
  • DONT cry over an ASSHOLE: Self explanortory bitches. (smiles then blush:">)
  • drink water, a loooot of water: Water theraphy everyfuckingday. It helps, its good for the bodaay!
  • Fix yozelf. Look good for yourself, not for anyone. Be blooming for yourself, not because of someone. Be a better person, have fun and live life! Smile a lot, cherish everyfuckin moments, you only get them once in a lifetime.
Let go of the past. Clean Slate. Smile, its what everyone wants to see.
2011, show me what you got! ;)