Mom: Have you decided what course youre gonna take? 
Me: I'm thinking of production design. 
Mom: Why dont you just take a general course, like business management or HRIM? 
Me: There's no way im taking BM i dropped out of SFU remember? It's so boring. And I don't like cooking so no to HRIM. I dont see myself working in kitchens and i can't do desk jobs. 
Mom: So, what's your plans after production design? What job can you apply for? 
Me: A lot of stuffs. =)) Arts director, costume designer, those stuff. Heyy! I'm still gonna study at FIDM for fashion design. Re-mem-buh?! 
Mom: Okay, but this time no dropping out. You want your easy way out kasi eh, see what happens? You always end up not finishing what you've started. Kaya ito, last chance mo na mag aral. Madili na nga sa SFU, still you dropped out of school you didnt even tell me, yang SoFA na yan i dont know if you're even studying anything. All i hear is fashion show fashion show photo shoots. What kind of college is that? Everyone goes to college, 4 years yan and finish it. Gusto mo pa 2 year 2 year pa. Look at you, back to first year. You wasted so much money, kala mo ba mura tuition ng SFU at SoFA? Dollars ang SFU sinayang mo. I'm not playing around with you anymore. 
Me: Sigh. 

 I thought 2nd sem classes at CSB starts around august. Obviously, i was wrong. I'm starting to be really excited for school, like this time i swore to myself that i'd take it seriously. I will not drop any subjects if i find it boring, nor be late at classes. No more cuts I've had too much that It didn't feel like i was going to school. Yes, living the matronic lifestyle.

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