Hi, person. Goodmorning, guess what I just googled today! Hmm, latest 5 books you read! Here's my list: CARRIE DIARIES The book basically covers carrie on her early days as a teenager before she met her awesome friends. Very highschool drama, A guy she knew from her childhood goes to her school and then he was giving her the flirty eyes, somewhat somewhere they ended up going out for a couple of months not until this guy started cheating on her with carrie's bestfriend blah blah blah i don't wanna spoil you by telling more so i suggest you go get your copy now. FASHION BABYLON This is a kind of book that you fashion people cant put down and I know you are going to love, its called Fashion Babylon. It exposes everything behind the scenes in the Fashion industry and gives out many secrets, like why is yellow trendy this year and next year its green? who decides that? How can a bag that costs $40 be sold for $4000? Interested in fashion or not, You'll end up learning more about what goes on behind the scenes of the fashion industry and how much it takes to produce a collection. So, go read! I super recommend this book. THAT EXTRA HALF AN INCH I have to be honest and say that this book was better than I expected. I got this book over a year now but its only a few weeks ago that i took time to read it. Probably because I find it somehow similar to The little black book Read it too!:) Its 311 pages long, with lots of lovely photos of her (colour and black and white) - any fan into collecting photos of her could love this book for that reason alone. Chapters are split into jeans, tops, skirts/dresses, accessories, parties, vacations, winter, special occasions, pregnancy, lingerie, shopping, make up/hair and at the back there is a Where To Buy section with tons of websites. In conclusion therefore I have to say I liked it. It's a self-indulgent book - read it without expecting TOO much. You'll find a lot of other books that are similar to this. LOVE, ROSIE This book was suggested from a friend and so I read it any way. This is a different kind of love story, written and narrated in letters by two people who doesn't realize they are in love with each other until they got married with other people. It started when they were kinds up until their old days. Very romantic :) LA CANDY This my friend, was written by Lauren Conrad. (Yes i know its obvious) I love Lauren so much that I was expecting more from this book. If you've watched Laguna Beach and The Hills, I suggest you may want to skip this book. It basically narrates what happened. It kind of seem like an autobiography of her (Is it??) But other that that, its a quick read type of book. L.A. Candy provides an inside look at celebrity lifestyles, what goes on behind the scenes, and how someone's life can be ruined in a second, like at the flip of a switch.

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  1. I've read la candy too, I think it's a good book though.


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