Lately have been the most inconsistent, confusing, frustrating, hassle, days with you.
But gez what, Like right now-now, Its like I don't even care anymore. I want to care, I really do. But its just not like that anymore. Omggg what happened! :| =))

Friday :""">


Studying is reaaaally not for me.
I swear.
I tried, I thought that when I start going to CSB it'll be different. Like a real college with school works and stuff. I get tired/bored/lazy if I don't feel like doing it. Its like everyone else feels the pressure and I don't.
So there,
I decided to take up Make Up lessons and I have a few schools in mind =)
Yaaay! Hahaha! Maybe Ill do well as make up artist? lol


I just cant wait to get over everything.

(I dont even know what am doing here exactly) ...and get my ass of to wherever, get a job and just survive for the mean time.
I know I can do it. I'll go back to school when I feel that I'm ready, and take it seriously.
I'm still gonna slack off and do the same thing and continue wasting money on tuition fees If I enroll myself next term. So for the mean time, I think.. I'll just think of other ways to be productive. lol :P

Sometimes I wonder when will I ever feel the need to be responsible, but then I continue being me.

Dear Claudine of 5 years later,
You wasted 2 years of college, I hope by now you realize how much time, money and effort is wasted. and if by then you still haven't figure out what you really want to do with your life, (or if theres anything you wanna do anyway) ...I suggest that you just beautify yourself!! Go on a major diet, be vegetarian! Stay healthy, make yourself descent, be street smart and reserved. Just marry a prince or something! Cause I swear, you're gonna die if you dont do anything.

Always Love,
Claudine, 18 y/o (2011)


only I didn't know when it opened! :)) Me and Teri just came from Shang then to cable but we got dropped off at SM and thereeeeeeeeeeeeee FOREVER 21!!!!!
I swear. Its the worst feeling ever. HAHA! I didn't have enough money on me :|
I'll see you this weekend!! I promise!

I just wanna say..............



I went to my condo today with my mom and it looks so different na. It looks like a home. Haha! lol its so, home-y. with our family picture frames, and those stuff. hahaha! So I'm guessing I'm not getting it back anymore. Well, its too big for me anyway. Why would I need a 2 bedroom place to stay at right. But I'm hoping that they'd let me stay at Icon, the one at the fort. I haven't been there yet, only in pictures. But its amazinggggg. The view is perfect, and its one bedroom lang. So perfect for me. So please mommy!!! let me have it :(((


Ive been on this page thinking what to write, then I end up deleting it again. I usually just talk and talk and typeee whatever that comes in my head, (like now) But I got nothing except about you, about you i can not write about. And since I know you dont know about this blog anyway, maybe ill say the words i told you but this time, soberly.

hi friend,
I seriously hope I can take back all the things I said last night. I've never really said anything like that to anyone since my last. But I did, to you who I've only known for like what, 2 months. I cant even remember if we were ever friends, I just know we flirt a lot. And I knew it was not something to be taken seriously cause come on, you're taken, I knew it and I didnt care cause I didnt plan on liking you. I just like having you around. And we both know that. Not until that tuesday night we were both alone at cable, not literally alone, but like you weren't with you friends and my friends wasn't there either. We hung out sober for the first time and played our first beer pong game together. I guess that was the first time that I was open to the idea of may be I'm liking you already. We got closer, or I like to think we are, we got more open and say the words i miss you and ":*". And then we made our 3 month bet which made it a lot more confusing to me if you're actually serious or just the usual drunk bets. I remember this one time you got drunk at Eastwood, and you were saying these stuffs I cant say here. yesss I still clearly remember everything there is about you. And it sucks cause I cant do anything about it. My friend asked you, if you were to pick between me and your girlfriend, you didn't answer. You didn't answer not because you're confused, you didn't answer cause you didn't want me to hear you pick your girlfriend. That was enough for me cause then it just shows at some point, you care about how I feel when I hear you say that.

About my texts last night, I should have just said "April Fools!" to save me my pride when you asked this morning if i was serious. I cant say anything else to you but I'm sorry I was out of line, and there you are saying its not. Can't you just help me out here? Push me away if you can.