For who ever this person was: 
Please, don't ask me something that is not so nice in my formspring regarding jovic susim. So if you were also yhe one who asked if i was related to him, that question was answered. Thank you =)

ANYANYANYANYANYWAAAAY! My mom and I had a talk this morning, she's giving me my very very very last chance to really tske school seriously. (oh oh btw, Here's my summary: I did not take any other entrance exams aside from CSB, my mom didnt like it, I studied at SFU, I loved it for 2 weeks, I watched a fashion show, I knew what I really wanted, I dropped out of SFU without my mom knowing, I called SoFA, applied accepted check, Schools okay, Im really pasaway, left home, now im back, and now im having a talk with my mom. LOL)

Back to the ANYANYANYlalalaWAY, So she asked me what my other interests was, and eeeep silence. I said, nothing else but designing styling achuchuchu *wink. So there there there she counsel me with blah blah You should get your life together, Get another course and blah blah. (Trust me, she did more than this) And there, I asked her, Can I study at FIDM or Esmod afterwards? And she said, If that's what you really want then, yes. you can! So, College, Books? Do they even have books? Or hand-outs? Whatever.. Sigh, Really... I haven't even held a notebook for a really long time, let alone go to school early morning and study math or history or what nots. Listen to the teacher go blah blah this and that Dismissed YAY!. I remember highschool I told my history teacher that I dont need to learn history cause im not gonna die if i dont know anything about it and its not like it has anything to do with my future =)) And oh, did I mention I hate first days? Seriously, I'm not at all friendly looking. I don't smile to people. I don't kiss ass to make friends. I dont blend in easily. Im a total snob. Oh, and I'm gonna be this what they call "irreg" so my schedule isn't really the same with everyone else. They will have their own block, and I... alone. ARGHHHH! :| 

Oh and guess what, I'm a FROSH. Yes, starting over again. For the 3rd time. YAY. After a year of misunderstood undecided teenager, I'm now.. gonna go, well at least try my hardest to love school. and go to school. and study, like really. I never really liked studying. School's not for everyone, including me. Ok, Bye now. Phew! I was able to say that out loud. HA!

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