It's thursday people!

Since I dont think i'll be sleeping anytime soon, (finally the wifi is fixed!) I decided to blog. lol 

I'm talking to a good friend of mine, and come to a realization that people are plain shallow, self absorbed and stubborn. 

Period. I dont have to explain this. 

Bianca: May itsura naman sya ah. 
              Panget lang yung itsura nya. 
Claudine: I like that! I'll tweet it. 

I have a really big smile on my face right now, you'd probably think im an idiot for smiling alone in the dark and the light that only comes from the laptop screen. Thats because im talking to my friend about something thats called a 30mins relationship. Telling her ive moved on, hahaha! It started when I sent her a link on youtube and he looks so adorably cute with a puppy eyes while singing. AHAHAHAHAHHAHHAA! Well anyway, that's not most of it but that's all for now. Just thought maybe id give you an idea. 

 I CAN NOT SLEEP. WHAT IS WRONG WITH ME. My body clock is so @#&!%ed up, i can't sleep any time before 12. Let me tell you a little story, I used to sleep really early like around 9 im in bed already. But then I had a good friend back in highschool (we still are, well we became one again) and we used to talk around 10pm that goes on until 3am. We wont stop until he asks what time is it and we'd just decide when to stop, like in 10mins lets say our goodnights. And I guess thats how I got used to it. I kinda missed it though, we used to be really good friends and my ass of an ex was such a dick and "talked" to him and after that, pooof! hello friend But right now its good that things are starting to be back to normal :) He recently went to watch SATC and Prince of persia with me and my friends at rockwell.

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