I MADE A NEW ACCT, lol more personal actually. I’ll try my best not to bore you!! That’s a promise. Lol. Well, I doooo have a lot of blogs and its frustrating to have all of them. But this time, Swear. Will really really try to keep this for a long while. I talk a lot but I’ll make sense. You’ll see. Hehhhe

So.. Follow if you wanna =) 



I spent my 11.11.11 watching sleeping beauty, a total waste of time. I dont know, I guess I was expecting a fairytale.


Hiiiiiii! at a coffee shop, having caramel machiato. Is that the right spelling? lol

I just got my biker boooooots from ROSS today, Guess how much!! For only $25!!! (Well, it was $85 originally) That's what I really like about ROSS, good finds at incredibly cheap prices!!! yayyy. i really really love boots but I never get to wear them that much especially in PI, I just like looking at them. lol, maybe if am like really really rich that's all I'll ever have on my closet.  like, loooooads of boots and heels. lol. I also got me some black ribbon heels and leopard print flats from steve madden. lol that's it for today, gotta go back to Macy's now! Chao <3


Sucha lazy morning, but I have to get up soon cause am meeting up with Trisha in awhile at GB.