Hello my friend! Today I had to go to WTC for MAFBEX, its a HRIM thing, just went cause my best friend invited me, lol. Anyway I've been looking for a sequins beanie hat for a long long long time i cant remember since when I wanted it but anyway I happen to find something similar at Aldo! Its a black sequins bonet and its so pretty! I wanna take a picture of it so I can show you but im so lazy to get up. I'm gonna wear that tomorrow when I meet up with kevs. Can I talk about college again? 

So yeah, guess what.. I'm back to i-dont-know-what-course-to-take. I wanted to try HRM or Export Mngt. Hahaha! T
heres two sides of courses im considering; 
A.) SDA: Production design/Interior 
 B.) Taft: HRM/EM/CDA 

 Rinig mo yun? CDA =)) AHAHAHAHHAA!

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