Philippine Fashion Week is over! Till the next season! ;) Actually theres this model who was in the Meg's 50 hotties photoshoot and we saw him at fashion week! First day we were really surprised, then comes 2nd day then the 3rd. And then yesterday he was also at M Barretto's! My friend took a picture of me with him and it seemed like hes laughing at us, uh sortof, he cant really move thats why. They all looked like wax figures =)) Okay, so hes a real model. =)) Then awhile ago, it was kindof nice cause he remembered us. we saw him early this morning (our call time was early eh) and he was like, you guys gon' watch? AHAHHAA! Then again when we were going down, he waved at us. And since we dont know his name, well we forgot, we call him.. Long hair.


Its the fourth day of fashion week! High five to Sir Jan Garcia and Sir Richard Papa for being so awesome during the fashion show :D Okay well, i gotta go now! Gon get ready for tonight's show: M Barretto! ;)


Why cant my hand draw something nice anymore? Seriously, i haven't held a pencil for awhile but it shouldn't suck like this :| Anyway im drawing and drawing and drawing until I get better! My Fillus book is still with my classmate, she probably lost it already. I need more ideas! But anyway, gotta go!


Finally! I got my invitations! Yaaay! I'm so excited! :D :D


Its nearly 3am and yet I can't sleep :/ I just finished watching 10 episodes of Hannah montana, (yes, you heard me right) Haha! So what, I love Miley! ;)

To some people: Guys, just because i told you that my other reason for deleting my formspring is about something else, doesn't mean you can take advantage of my tumblr ask-me-questions-stay-anonymous. If you were the one who asked me again why i deleted my account, BASTAAA! You're gonna laugh at me so if you really wanna know, just PM me. If you were the one who asked about how and why i know jovic, for the nth HE IS KRISTELLA'S BLOCKMATE! Nako go! add him on facebook. If you asked me about my real age, im 17. Why else would I lie about my age??

How come I haven't received my invitations for the fashion week and the people i invited already did? That's just not fair! I'll wait, I'll wait. I can wait. Ahahaha! GOODNIGHT!!


I'm going fabric shopping tomorrow! I'm having all my designs made soon! Yay! I'm just so happy I'm actually dancing right now! :D My mom found me really weird today, I went to buy all kinds of fresheners for my room; febreeze carpet sprays, scented candles, aerosol air fresheners, glade scented gel, febreeze oil warmers. I'm so awesome. Ahahahahahha =) My mom laughed at my grocery bag. What's there to laugh at? :| FABRIC SHOPPING TOMORROW! YAY! AHAHAHHAHA I just cant get over it. And I... will start sewing tomorrow! Isn't that great? Ahihihihihi =))

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Two days ago, a friend of mine asked me why all my profiles are set to private.
That was really random, its not like her profile isn't.
I have some albums set to view for friends of friends to see unlike hers. Haha! I just told her that it's my profile, under MY control. Well anyway, I deleted my formspring a few days ago but I can still receive questions from my tumblr. But yeah, truth is, i deleted it not because of haters...
Please, I would love to have some more! People who mindfuck me is just so awesome. (I dont know a better way to explain this awesome awesome feeling I get when people take their time to comment on my page and how much they want to annoy me and yet I feel really good about myself even more) I have other reasons which you will probably laugh at when you heard it. (Trust me) My friends did as if it was a joke. But I was deaaaad serious about it. Their reply seemed sarcastic in a way, or maybe that's just how I took it. Hahahaha =)) I really hope that this week will be a better one for me. I'm just so excited for a lot of things; tomorrow for my streetscene photo shoot, tuesday cause were gonna throw an awesome awesome surprise party for someone who was gone for quite some time. And a lot of people really really missed him (tentative, as of now.) Faaaashion week! OMGGG Fashion week! Ultimate bonding with my super SoFAshionista mates!


JOVIC SUSIM WAS EVICTED AT PINOY BIG BROTHER HOUSE! :( It's so sad, really. I wished he stayed longer. Well anyway, we just had a photo shoot for madpassion earlier at a friends house. And right now, I'm just so tired and sleepy so Im heading off to bed. Laters!


WATCH OUT FOR THE JULY ISSUE OF MEG MAGAZINE WHERE THEY FEATURE 50 HOT GUYS ;;) Bianx and Tin get to do their make up and I get to help by fixing their hair.


I decided to start blogging again. I guess my noodles pushed me to do so. (Yes, I'm eating) By the way, I hate ebay. (No, I really love ebay i just hate it for the fact that they're so inconsistent but okay sorry ill go on) I've been ebay-ing chucky dolls for the past few weeks and it either runs out of stock or the price increases in JUST HOURS. Seriously, last night I finally found the Chucky doll the one that was bought at Universal Studio and it was i think around $200 some but since I don't have my dad's credit card number, I decided to do it today. (oh oh, you cant bid on this one, its a "buy it now") So anyway, YEAH THAT DOLL. I bookmarked the page and when i clicked it ta-daaah! The price is now $699. Congraaaaatulaaaaaations!

Since I couldn't get myself to bed, I found some studs hiding under my sewing machine. These were the studs i've been looking for! And now they're made for my skirt! Ahihihi
Sorry If my first entry didn't make sense, HAHAHAHA! But Anyway, I'll end it here for now. You do realize that if you continue reading my blog, its just a bunch of randomness. So if you don't find it worthy of your time, you're free to click the X button on the upper right corner. Thank you! ;)