I was so close to fainting this morning.. Again. Im thinking of changing my phone, I dont really like it anymore.. Iphone? BB bold? Or that motorola side flip phone, thats simple. yeah. Siiiigh *************************************************************************************
This bulletin is going to be the best ever, you ready? I guess 
Have you ever watched superman? Uhyeah
Have you ever had sex in a car? yea
What is your opinion on brunettes that dye their hair blonde? Good for them
Do you have feelings for anyone? I wish I do
What are you doing tonight? dye my hair maybe
Whats the last thing you watched on tv? Possession
Whats the last thing you said out loud? Die fucker
Have you ever kissed someone who's name starts with a 'j'? Yeah
Whats the last movie you saw in theaters? Sex and the city.. wait no, Toy story 3 3D
What will you be doing after you have completed this? change my clothes
Who's bulletin did you last read? this and copy pasted
Do you have any pets? yea
Any siblings? yea
Do you think people read your bulletins just to find out things about you? dont care
Did you kiss anyone last weekend? Nahh
Would you have sex with the last person you texted? My seamstress????
Are you probably going to get hurt anytime soon? i dont think so
Are you the type of person who likes to be out or home? out
Did you hug or kiss anyone today? no
Have you ever fallen asleep in someones arms? yea
Who woke you up this morning? my alarm clock
When was the last time you said you were okay, but you really weren't? cant remember
Who knows you the best? no one
Today, would you rather go forward a week or back a week? forward a week
Is there anything stressing you out currently? yea
Your ex says they never even liked you, you say? thats fine you were never good in bed anywya
Do you think they would ever say that to you? No 
Do you remember who you liked on New Year's? yes
What's something you really want right now, be honest? I wanna go to BENCH uncut fashion show and see my friend on the runway
What's the first thing that pops into your mind when you think of last summer? Left home
Do you have someone who you can be your complete self around? yea
How would you feel if you saw the person you like/love kissing someone else? Numb
Have you ever wasted too much time on a certain boy or girl? yea
Have you held hands with anybody in the past week? yea
Honestly, who was the last person to tell you that they love you? my bestfriend, im singollll
When was the last time you went camping? long time ago
Do you like to sit around fires? no
Would you ever sleep outside on a picnic table? nope
Do you post every single picture you take on Facebook? a lot but not all of them
When was the last time you cried? cant remmeber
Do you enjoy eatting subway? yea
Describe your hair right now. its black and it feels diff
What are you wearing on your feet right now? barefoot
Do you cuss in front of your parents? no 
what is the last thing you bought at the store? sequins beanie from aldo 
Do you like the smell of gasoline? no
Think of the last person you kissed, did that person ever unbutton your pants? lmao
Are any of your friends virgins? yea
Your ex says leaving you was a mistake, you say? and you say that now huh
What time did you go to sleep last night and why? like 2am
Do you want things to change right now? no
Are you stressed out? no
When was the last time you threw up? last week
Who was the last person to emotionally hurt you? idk
Do you think too much or too little? to much
Do you think if you died, that the last person you kissed would even care? yea
Who is the last person you talked to on the phone? my seamstress
Has anyone let you down lately? no
Do you have any plans for tomorrow? yea my friends
Is it cute when a boyfriend/ girlfriend calls you baby? babe.
If the person you liked showed up to your door RIGHT NOW, how would you react? I dont know, he'll just have to show up then we'll see

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