Right about 10mins ago, I was perusing Google in the hopes of finding some interesting blog topics for my blog today (Trust me, you google every single thing when you're bored. At least that's what I do) 
One topic I found particularly interesting was the one labeled "College: Before, during and after." 
It got me thinking that there is just too much in my head and i can go on and on about this one, so lets see how I keep up!

Lets see, First: I know that im gonna lose a lot of weight (Well im still hoping) I'm gonna be in class for most of time and stu-dying and and well, theres not much of those spare time to pig out for me. That's just my theory and proven; Just stating the obvious. How else can you find time to eat when you're mostly at school. 

Mkay, Nuf about eating. Notice how this is the first thing that came through my mind, HA! It just is, ever since i finished highschool, i just had too much spare time. And I lack discipline, I DOOOOOO! =)) And then I enjoy my teenage life. When I was at SoFA, I kindof skipped the part where I was actually a teenager. I mean, I love it at SoFA. I love my friends, I love the school, I love everything there is to love. My friends and I are not quite in the same batch though, but we clicked anyway. They all graduated and experienced college, and I haven't. 

So anyway, my point, I'm gonna have that soon! If im boring you, you're free to click the X box on your upper right corner of your screen :) I also hmm, wait, I gotta stop. WELL DURING COLLEGE I'D HAVE TO BLOG ABOUT THAT WHEN IM ACTUALLY IN COLLEGE ALREADY, STEPPING INSIDE THE CLASSROOM, BEING ON THE GROUNDS. lol, i can't believe im saying that. My mom told me that i have to go to college, dont get me wrong, SoFA is of course, a school afterall its just, different. No Minors. No maths, No english No all thats. There is heh, business class? which is fashion merchandising. Oh i forgot, there's also a math.. Fashion math. I just have to blog the one after this, SO I WOULDN'T FORGET ABOUT IT AND SLACK OFF. (you can ignore me) 

I'm taking Production design to get over college here in manila, go to LA and study at FIDM or go to Paris for Esmod. (That is my plan, and so far my mom doesn't have any say in it) Its just that, FIDM would be more favorable for me and my brother since he's going to Stanford or UCLA. (GOSH, Were both going to college, =| =|) But anyway, that's my plan. And what I want to happen, I always find a way to make it happen. Believe me, it started with small things ;) SOOO! Lets say im studying at FIDM with the most awesome people, im gonna get a part time job as well. this is gonna be so much fun! Actually before everything happened, I wasnt planning on telling my mom i wanna be there, Im saving up for my plane ticket and some extra cash and once im there DUHH theres such thing as STUDENT LOAN. lol, anyway ive written too much. Im really talkative, like i really talk a loooot. Its kinda annoying sometimes. ;) Mkay, Goodnight folks ;)

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