This is so frustrating. I have 3 finals for tomorrow starting at 8am. 8AM DO YOU HEAR ME!!! I cant even get up earlier than 10. SIGHHH! To make things worst, NSTP is my first. I seriously dont like that subject. No, I hate it. Its boring. Its disgusting. Hehe, Okay OA lang ako. But I really dont like it :(( Every NSTP, I just sit, phone and doodle on my notes (not nstp notes, i dont write notes) then leave, go to the cafeteria, buy food, go back, eat. Then go out, sit outside, go back inside. Yay! Dismissed! Its the same cycle ever NSTP. What I'm trying to say is that, I WAS PLANNING TO STUDY FOR NSTP TOMORROW MORNING BEFORE NSTP, AND HOW AM I SUPPOSED TO DO THAT IF THE EXAMS AT 8AM. FML.

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