I take it back, Thursday really is a happy thursday.

Algebra at 9:45am; booo I was late :( speaking of, I have to look for my seatwork or I dont get credit for it!!!
Went back to my condo at 10:40; dismissed early!!

Okay, originally, I was planning to cut my ordev class to go shopping. (but I've been really really trying my best to save, this is the last na.) Well yeah, plan was to leave taft at 11 then be back to school by 6 for my next class which is comsk2x. So there, supposedly, I will only have one cut for the day.

I asked my friend Bryant to come with, and so of course he'd go. But I had to wait for him after ordev class so then I decided to go as well. But I felt so comfortable not wearing my corpo attire already, so I ended up cutting in anyway.

We (carmina, bryant, gabe, dean, and pat-drove us! yay!) went to mega maaaaall! It was so hassle cause when we got there, me and carmina went straight to F21 cause the boys wanted to eat first and just come follow after. That's what I thought. I only had like what, an hour to freaking shop. Aughhh then I got a text saying "meet us in the car now" Aughhhhhh that was really annoying. I replied saying i'm paying already but I was actually strolling pa.

Anyway I made it to my 8pm class!! It's really 745 but I got there at 8 and I wasn't marked late. yay!! Hahaha! I haaate that prof, not him. But him as a prof! He talks so much!!! Like let's say materialism, he takes about 15 minutes for that WORD alone discussing it. It's really starting to get boring na. He relates it to every freaking thing in this big ass world. But other than that, I can say that he's a really really good prof and he's smart. It's just that, it's a night class! Please. :| =))

I got home at around 10, I swear. I'm like a ninja =)) I was able to shower, fix myself in like 20minutes.
then of course, cable car after! It's my first time there, and it actually looks really fun. I wish I know how to play beer pong though =))

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