2010 was indeed memorable.

            So tonight im trying to recap the year  2010, my initial thought was to talk about what happened in between. But then I realized that I'd first talk about the most amazing friends I met. 2010 was a really crazy year for me. I'd much rather recap the year through images along with a lil discription bout it. Some of them may be someone I've known from highschool or might be even people I've only met once or twice, or someone whom i hung out for the meantime. So, before I say anything else, here is how my 2010 looked like and how they helped me made it memorably crazy :)
LF1W. ALWAYS. You guys always made me feel like I'm a part of your block <3 And I really love hanging with you all. 

 SOFAB. I was the only minor one when am with them, I admit, it was awkward at first cause I was never really with a group whos like not my age bracket. But we all clicked anyways. And although I dont get to talk or hang with them no more, I will never ever forget them =)

Even though I hung out with them for the shortest time, All those times have been fckingass crazy. 

College friends! Whooooo AND MORE TO COME! =)


  And of course these girls, When you think about it (and when you actually know us from high school, we were never really close, i mean yeah we're close but it was only towards the end of the senior year) These are the girls who I share everything with. No secrets. As for paulina, even though she's not in the Philippines, we still managed to talk everyday! WHY? BBM! So nothing really changed:)

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