So someone sent me this link, Sounds familiar? =) INTENSE.
seriously, I know you know nothing about my situation BUT READ IT. HAHAHAHAHA! This person must be really really REALLY mad.

I have royally fucked you over and you have absolutely no idea, and it is disgusting how fantastic that makes me feel. I dated your ex-boyfriend for SIX MONTHS and he loved me, and you don’t know it. I fixed him after you, being your usual selfish, bitch-ass self, broke him.

You are far from being over him, VERY far. But after he broke up with you, because you told him you had sleepovers with other guys, you promptly hooked up with said guy, and then lost your virginity to a douche bag we went to high school with. And then you STILL expect him to want to be with you again?!

Your breakup was a long time coming, and all of his friends and all your friends knew it. He treated you like the spoiled princess you wish you were because he loved you, and you demanded it. He would’ve given you the world, but you never ever deserved it, not from him. He is an amazing person. Sure, people make mistakes, but you made one and would not own up to it, which just made it worse. Maybe if you were more patient and less annoying and needy, he might have taken you back by now. But no, you are psychotic so you felt the need to TORTURE him constantly.

Well guess what, bitch? You lose. You are one of the most immature people I’ve ever known, and part of your immaturity is your annoying competitiveness. I’ve never played any type of game with you because you’re so fucking annoying when you play them because you NEED to win. Like, shut the fuck up, it’s a game. That is a terrible quality. I love the fact that I can say that I WIN THIS ONE! He is one thing that I had, that you will never have again. He and I had a relationship that encompassed a hell of a lot of things that you don’t even know how to feel about another person, as well as some things that you wouldn’t DO (that you lie about, and tell people you’ve done) that I have done. I fucking win.

And there is no way you can ever top me, not when it comes to the boy. The boy you loved and lost, and the boy I loved and lost. I took away lots of amazing lessons from that relationship, as all normal people do when they lose something dear to them, but some great things I felt when our relationship was over was that you would never get what you wanted with him. You text him all the time, claiming to just be friendly, but we both know that it’s just you wanting to pick fights with him and somehow try to get him back. I will win this bet. You will not be back together with him. He’s too good for you. And I’m too good for you.

That’s why I haven’t talked to you in a month. I have been DYING to tell you how much of a selfish fucking bitch I think you are, but I don’t have the heart to say it because I know that you’ll revel in the abuse. You LOVE being the victim, and I just can’t allow that kind of satisfaction on your end. Wow, I really wish you could see how much the guys think you’re crazy, I have no idea why they won’t just stop inviting you places. I guess they need to at least hang out with one girl.

I just love you you IM me on skype, feigning concern over what’s going on in my life, when you really have selfish motives. You think that he and I were together, and I’m keeping that secret more for his sake than mine, so I will not admit it to you. You complain about how I don’t tell you when big things are going on in my life, like when the most impactful relationship I’ve ever had ended, because you see my facebook statuses that were sad because I was sad.

But you were not concerned about if I was okay, you were concerned that it had something to do with your ex. Which it did. But I can’t tell you. And I made sure that you knew that my sadness had NOTHING to do with you, because he is your EX boyfriend, therefore has nothing to do with you. We did not break up because of the stress that keeping our relationship a secret caused, we did not break up because we felt bad for you, we broke up because as much as we were in love adn wanted to be together, our timing sucked. And that fucking sucks because we were amazing, better than you ever were. He told me over and over how I was an upgrade from you, how when we were intimate it was like he was feeling desire for real for the first time. He really said that, “So this is what it’s like to really want to be with somebody.”

He is not yours. He was, for a long time. And he was mine for a while. But now he is his own person. Please let him be. Stop forcing him to stoop to your level and argue about things that don’t matter. I try to help you, instead of telling you all of this, and I regret it every second because girl, you need a real big dose of reality so you can get out of your fucking fairytale land. It doesn’t exist. Nothing revolves around you except for yourself. I love that you are alone. Maybe it’ll teach you a lesson. God knows you need it.

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