AWWWESOME things. My class doesnt start until later at 7:45pm till 9:15pm ONLY and I got my money today! But I'm thinking of just saving it.
SAAAAAD things. - My class starts at 8:00am tomorrow morning and I've been sitting here browsing on a lot of good clothes/shoes. I'm so sad! :(

1. I want to see what later is gonna look like then go back to now.
2. I want to stop going to school but continue seeing my friends.
3. I want to have a lot of money and no credit card limits that I don't have to pay for.
4. I want to have the 16 candles from the 16 wishes disney movie.
5. I want to experience for a day or two how it's gonna be like when I'm the President of this big ass world, not just a country.
6. I want to go to Disney world, but I want to be 12 when I have a chance to.
7. I want to be as creative as Phineas and Ferb.
8. and as smart as Jimmy Neutron.
9. I want to make something big as facebook.
10. I want to travel outside space.
11. I want to meet my suuuuuuuper crushes Zac Efron, Chace Crawford, Ian Somerhalder, Asher Book, Logan Lerman, Zach Roeri, Michael Travino, Johnny Pacar, Jonathan Bennett icangoonandonandon but I have to stop.
12. I want to be anorexic.
13. I want to be famous for something worth being famous about.
14. I want to have breakfast in bed at Paris, lunch in Japan and back home for dinner.
15. I want to have hannah montana's closet, not her clothes. its rotating walk in closet!!

16. I want to have all the things I cant think of right now, surprise me!

but in life, you dont always get what you want. lol its sad. boooo.

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