Diet, failed.

Diet always always start tomorrow. But I managed to start today. (Not literally today today)  Aughh But I feel like I'm not losing weight. Okay, maybe I lose a lb or two then destroy my progress for the next few days. I cant even say its a progress its more like a fluctuation. I started to eat heavy breakfast and skip lunch and have a light dinner, I was able to keep up for maybe, a few days or so. Then I go home and my mom cooks this really really good food, How can I skip that right? So I let myself have a taste, then I continued doing so for the next few days, then I start on my diet again. Its never really constant. It's so annoying that I get this weak. Well, there are really times that I get emotional about my weight. I'm so tired of being fat. 

sorry i'm such a negative person.

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