First 5 things that comes to my mind that...

That I hate.
1. I hate going to school to study, I just wanna hang out.
2. I hate thinking hard. The thoughts thats on the tip of your tongue but cant get it out.
3. I hate being told to do stuff.
4. I hate having dress codes and those rules in school.
5. I hate getting fat and fatter and fatter and more more fats in all parts of the body.
That I cant stand.
1. Attention seekers in all places.
2. Music that's on loud speaker while on a bus ride when I'm trying to sleep.
3. Stepping on wet floors. barefoot. or wearing socks, or stockings.
4. Dogs barking in the middle of the night.
5. Nails/Tires or anything that screeches.
That I love.
1. I love my love ones, obviously duuuuuuh!
2. I love my phone, im emotionally attached okay.
3. I love going on a diet but I never succeed.
4. I love facebook and twitter.
5. I love things that sparkle, strike out, and out of place. or awkward and weird looking stuff.
That I would trade my life for. (no, not really. I cherish my life)
1. A tour around the world with unlimited money.
2. All designer stuff, like everything. From popular to nots.
3. Superawesomepowers or doraemon's ability to have everything like kaboooom! its there.
4. To be able to speak at least 5 other languages excluding Tagalog and English.
5. To have a small apetite. No, joke. Like I want to eat anything I can without getting fat. THERE!

That was a very useless post. lol

I have this guy best friend back in high school, We used to do a lot of stuff together. He was my ex bf's best friend that in time, became my best friend too. Anyway, we got so closed. The three of us would go out a lot. lol But yeah, we grew apart but we're good of couse. I met up with him yesterday and told me that he's moving to Canada to continue his college. It's just so sad cause I haven't really hung out with him anymore and now he's leaving, for good. Sighhhhhhh.
FINE, goodnight now. I have a freaking 9am to 9pm sched tomorrow!
-It's actually 9:45am but saying 9 to 9 makes it sounds more hassle. Hahahahaha! I like exaggerating okay.

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