2011, Im ready! Oh it is on!

And so I've made my New years Resolution, I never really made effort in making these things but this year will be an exception, cause its gonna be awezum!
  • save more money: LEARN to save. Cause honestly, I don’t save. Confession: I'm a one day millionaire. So my goal for this year is to save save save!
  • know my priorities: AKA have limits, for those of you who knows me, no side comments please! Haha! I'm trying here. 
  • learn to forget: we're not in grade school claude, so all this BS trying to get even, doesnt work anymore.
  • say hello to fitness first: since they make it so damn complicated to terminate it that I'm still holding onto it, and paying of course. So to make it worth, duuuh USE.  
  • APPRECIATE. yeah, I said it. Be more appreciative and I know I am of course, but show my appreciation. hihihi 
  • have a passion: Well ofcourse I do, what I meant was do something about it.
  • KEEP A DIARY: or at least the starbucks planner will do, keep track of everything that happen each day, its nice to have something to look back at. and laugh at it later on.
  • DONT cry over an ASSHOLE: Self explanortory bitches. (smiles then blush:">)
  • drink water, a loooot of water: Water theraphy everyfuckingday. It helps, its good for the bodaay!
  • Fix yozelf. Look good for yourself, not for anyone. Be blooming for yourself, not because of someone. Be a better person, have fun and live life! Smile a lot, cherish everyfuckin moments, you only get them once in a lifetime.
Let go of the past. Clean Slate. Smile, its what everyone wants to see.
2011, show me what you got! ;)

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