I don't know if i'm tired or i'm just really sleepy. I woke up 6am today to drop off my brother at school then back home to get ready, dress up.. 11am call time for Look Magazine's photo shoot at Oakwood, Ortigas. But as usual, we were late. Well, me and alice. It was a fun shoot! We get to dress up the model, steam the clothes, Tape the sole's shoes etc.. Unfortunately I cant post any pictures yet until the magazine is out.. Of course. I will upload them as soon as I can already.. =) 
The model (Jen) was very pretty and superrrr thin! Like I cant imagine anyone who would be THAT thin. Plus her hair? Its ass long! Hahaha!
Well good night now, I'm really tired.. and full. I had shabu shabu for lunch and burgoo for dinner at rockwell with my 2 girlfriends. I am so fuuuull. I cant move. Lol kbye! :**

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  1. aww...hope you had a great time love...

    and is excited to see the photos!!! SOON!!!

    take care


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