Not that its anyones business but, I FINALLY FOUND A LACE STOCKINGS. Seriously, I looked everywhere! Topshop Zara even People are People. Oh! and SM department stores! Its either out of stock or they just really dont have it. Or im just really unlucky. So then I just gave up. But earlier today I was at festival with my friends and before we go home, we happen to drop by at ATC.. I had no intentions of dropping by topshop cause I have limited money with me at that time so I'm really trying to avoid it. But human nature wants me there, so be it.. And then there it is! the lace stockings ive been looking for everywhere. 

sorry, such a lame story. I'm just so inlove with it right now.. Not the trend, but I dont care. I want thisssss!! :))
Do I sound that crazy? Lol


  1. I really understand your story, I had the same experience as well. Sometimes when you try to stop looking for something, it just pops out of nowhere!!!

    Just keep tabs on the things that you want.

    Take care love

  2. I know right! Yeah! But oh well, I finally got it anyway so yeah =)

    Thanks! :)


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