My own photo tutorial on how to distress old pair of jeans.

you need an old pair of jeans
then mark the part where you want it to be distressed
you also need some clip ons, a cutter and a sand paper (a nail file will do)
rip the jeans off with cutter, use the clip ons so it can stay in place. As for me, I used the end part of the jeans for trial. 
*dont forget to put a card board inside to avoid ripping the other side of the jeans
then use the sand paper to scrape the excess threads that came off
Finish product! Repeat on the other marks you've made on the jeans. =)
(If the jeans is stretchable, this is how the result will look like. So please use the ones that are not stretchable)
Ohh! You might wanna try bleaching them too! Bleach the sides of the distressed part and wash them right away before it gets too white. Ahihihihi ;;)
On white shorts: The style of this shorts is already meant to be this way. 
But I scraped this back part to show you how it's going to look like if the fabric is not stretchable =)


  1. great diy!!! you are so smart to use a box cutter! never thought of that!!! kudos!



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