Have you seen Skins? (a fan here! lol) Anyway, I actually just finished with the 4th season last week although I've watched it way before. But yeah, point is, there will be a US version of Skins! The casting was done and started filming last week, it was said that the pilot of the show was also filmed last week so no doubt that the show wont be aired until around september or so.. (A photo below showing the cast although none of us are sure of course as to who plays who) 
Honestly, I'm far from impressed. I don't think it will ever be good as the original. Wait, no. I think its a terrible idea. The cast looks way too young to even attempt to be as good as the original. America isn't daring enough to go where skins goes. I have an idea that this is just going to be watered down and poor attempt imitation of british teenage life which will only result to lameness. 

But i'll stay tuned anyway. Let's see how it goes, Prove me wrong US SKINS :)
This two will always be compared and I'm sorry, US version, I just dont think you'll measure up.
I'm guessing Tony is the one with the leather jacket, Sid with the beanie hat, Chris is probably the long haired dude, Michelle is the one next to who i think tony is, Haha okay I should stop.

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