Mara Hoffman Resort 2011

                Bold and youthful. These are just some pieces from Mara Hoffman's collection. I was google-ing swim suits and I happen to land here, Aren't they amaziiiiiing?  Vivid colors and prints makes her wearer hard to miss. The cuts were one of a kind and fabrics used is really a head turner in fashion. In designing, I find swimsuit the hardest. No, scratch that.. the most challenging.  You basically have 1 type of silhouette to play around with. Unlike dresses or any other pieces that can be sketched with different drapes. If I were this stick thin, boyyyy, I'd get the blue/orange strap wrap around body swim suit or whatever its called. Oh wait, no.. I dont look good in orange. Haha! But hey, here's another still shot I found: (Although its not from Mara Hoffmans its still rockin chic, I loveee!!) 

YESSSSSS!! Its Ed Hardy. My dream. Thats why I really regret when I didn't buy one when I went to the states last summer. Studs and graphics are just so me. lol. Really, Hahaha! I'm not a girly girl and this swim suits doesnt have girly girl written all over you, its.. how do I say this, I'll-kick-your-ass-later kind. Or something like that, better than what I just said. Hee!

*These photos are from Mercedez Benz Fashion Show*

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  1. Wow those are great collections dear!

    I would love the graphical bikinis like the one with the skull...and those net style ones...

    Just love the colors and how its perfect for summer.

    great finds dear!!!!

    nice post

    much love


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