M E E T  J E N N Y  H U M P H R E Y
          On the first of Gossip Girl, Jenny Humphrey did not have a distinct style in fashion – typical upper east; dress, knee high socks, and a hairband.  Next season she transformed herself and became a rockin chic! Rocking a new haircut, bolder eye makeup and a lot of new fabulous clothes!A lot of blacks and touch of pink or any striking color in every outfit. (Thats just what I notice)There’s a lot that goes in to the Jenny’s new look. As an up-and-coming fashion designer still under the age of 18, she wants to look sophisticated, fashion-forward, and maybe just a few years older than she is. But Jenny can’t afford a wardrobe filled 100% with designer clothes so she makes most of her clothing herself which is really money worthy. She's very creative and I like how she let the viewers know that you dont have to spend a lot of money to be in fashion. I also like how she found her style and proves that she doesn't have to dress up the same as all the other girls.
            I know a lot of people (Well, I've read on blogs. Ha!) who doesn't agree to her new look, mainly because she looks like she turned from good girl to the bad girl image. As for me, I think its really cool how she alters her image from classy to having the punk rock look. Its fun to be rebellious sometimes, you know? 



  1. I think that the stylings of her punk style was better when someone chose them for her on GG. But in real life when she dresses her self she looks a mess. But I love her voice, she's in a band called the pretty reckless.

    And thanks for the follow love!

    <3 Kelly

  2. love jenny`s new rock`n`roll style. I think it suits her much better and it`s definitely more sexy.xx



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