Its nearly 3am and yet I can't sleep :/ I just finished watching 10 episodes of Hannah montana, (yes, you heard me right) Haha! So what, I love Miley! ;)

To some people: Guys, just because i told you that my other reason for deleting my formspring is about something else, doesn't mean you can take advantage of my tumblr ask-me-questions-stay-anonymous. If you were the one who asked me again why i deleted my account, BASTAAA! You're gonna laugh at me so if you really wanna know, just PM me. If you were the one who asked about how and why i know jovic, for the nth HE IS KRISTELLA'S BLOCKMATE! Nako go! add him on facebook. If you asked me about my real age, im 17. Why else would I lie about my age??

How come I haven't received my invitations for the fashion week and the people i invited already did? That's just not fair! I'll wait, I'll wait. I can wait. Ahahaha! GOODNIGHT!!

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