Two days ago, a friend of mine asked me why all my profiles are set to private.
That was really random, its not like her profile isn't.
I have some albums set to view for friends of friends to see unlike hers. Haha! I just told her that it's my profile, under MY control. Well anyway, I deleted my formspring a few days ago but I can still receive questions from my tumblr. But yeah, truth is, i deleted it not because of haters...
Please, I would love to have some more! People who mindfuck me is just so awesome. (I dont know a better way to explain this awesome awesome feeling I get when people take their time to comment on my page and how much they want to annoy me and yet I feel really good about myself even more) I have other reasons which you will probably laugh at when you heard it. (Trust me) My friends did as if it was a joke. But I was deaaaad serious about it. Their reply seemed sarcastic in a way, or maybe that's just how I took it. Hahahaha =)) I really hope that this week will be a better one for me. I'm just so excited for a lot of things; tomorrow for my streetscene photo shoot, tuesday cause were gonna throw an awesome awesome surprise party for someone who was gone for quite some time. And a lot of people really really missed him (tentative, as of now.) Faaaashion week! OMGGG Fashion week! Ultimate bonding with my super SoFAshionista mates!

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