Philippine Fashion Week is over! Till the next season! ;) Actually theres this model who was in the Meg's 50 hotties photoshoot and we saw him at fashion week! First day we were really surprised, then comes 2nd day then the 3rd. And then yesterday he was also at M Barretto's! My friend took a picture of me with him and it seemed like hes laughing at us, uh sortof, he cant really move thats why. They all looked like wax figures =)) Okay, so hes a real model. =)) Then awhile ago, it was kindof nice cause he remembered us. we saw him early this morning (our call time was early eh) and he was like, you guys gon' watch? AHAHHAA! Then again when we were going down, he waved at us. And since we dont know his name, well we forgot, we call him.. Long hair.

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