I decided to start blogging again. I guess my noodles pushed me to do so. (Yes, I'm eating) By the way, I hate ebay. (No, I really love ebay i just hate it for the fact that they're so inconsistent but okay sorry ill go on) I've been ebay-ing chucky dolls for the past few weeks and it either runs out of stock or the price increases in JUST HOURS. Seriously, last night I finally found the Chucky doll the one that was bought at Universal Studio and it was i think around $200 some but since I don't have my dad's credit card number, I decided to do it today. (oh oh, you cant bid on this one, its a "buy it now") So anyway, YEAH THAT DOLL. I bookmarked the page and when i clicked it ta-daaah! The price is now $699. Congraaaaatulaaaaaations!

Since I couldn't get myself to bed, I found some studs hiding under my sewing machine. These were the studs i've been looking for! And now they're made for my skirt! Ahihihi
Sorry If my first entry didn't make sense, HAHAHAHA! But Anyway, I'll end it here for now. You do realize that if you continue reading my blog, its just a bunch of randomness. So if you don't find it worthy of your time, you're free to click the X button on the upper right corner. Thank you! ;)

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