Thanks so much to Luis Espiritu for today! Hes also the stylist of KC Conception so as his apprentice, we got the chance to hang around and see the real work of a stylist. From 10:30 am till around 2 or 3 maybe was probably the slowest time ever, haha! Then it was KC's turn to sing her song at ASAP so that was the only time we got to watch the show. But right after her song, we had to get back too. Basically, we were at where KC is. like her little minions. Then it was the buzz, since its her show we got to watch it too :) yiiiiii kbye :P Oh, and we didn't take much photos :) But as soon as I see my friend posts hers, I'll post some too. Hihihi. 
Its kinda blurry, that's Reg, Bianx then me. I think this is the last photo taken while waiting for Luis and KC right after the buzz.
Okay, I suck for taking this picture. But please please look at these ladies shoes, they're so gorg. KC's wearing Fendi! Okay never mind, its not clear enough. I get that. k? Haha!
After the buzz, she got cornered by these medias. haha lol

Walking around in a 4in heels is a no-no. Yay! No more fight outfits for tomorrows shoot! =)
I need a lot of rest, I havent had any sleep yet from last night. Booo! Oh, and I went home not-so-late then my mom kinda got mad at me telling me im not responsible enough to go home on time. Saying I have this thing really early and yet I'm out drinking. Hello mom, teenager here?? :|


  1. WOW!!! great visit on the set...they are so gorgeous right???

    and great capture of KC...with her lovely dress...

    I haven't been updated with the current buzz in the showbiz world in the Philippines hahaha!!! but will check it out...why in the world did she cried???

    take care love

  2. Yes they are actually!
    Her dress is by Rajo Laurel as I remember.. =)
    Wait she cried? :| Booo I dont know about that! Hahaha! I havent been watching the buzz actually, first time in a long time last sunday.. Hihihi


Hi! =)