Here is a little something from last saturdays photo shoot for Look Magazine

All the clothes that were used were International brands like Marc Jacobs, Bally, Diesel, and much more.. I found out that these clothes were shared by countries in Asia. So these clothes get to travel a lot! Shoot after shoot after shoot. I'm really excited about my apprenticeship! Ohh! and I'm excited for this Sunday! I'm not gonna spoil it so I hope you come back soon on my blog for that. Luis Espiritu warned that its just sitting and waiting because its real work. But that's totally fine! Being there is already enough for me. And actually witness whats it like.. I'm truly excited! =)


  1. I love the shoes! So fun!!

  2. Awesome!! Photoshoots, can be really fun but definitely a lot of work!

    <3 Kelly

  3. It is! And i just love them =)
    I can only post one cause I'm not allowed to publish anything yet until the magazine is out. Hihihi


Hi! =)