Its monday! And I woke up at 7am just like school days! Todays shoot was for male under garments. It was really fun, all styling jobs with Luis have been great! He lets us do stuffs and calls us "stylist" the shirt the shirt! At first, we prepared the garments that will be used on the shoot, steam them and stuff.. Then we take turns as to who will fold/take off/clip the shirt on the model. It was very hands on the job. Haha! I dont think I wanna post a photo cause i dont think its going to look good in my blog.. It might seem like a porn site. Lol i'm exaggerating, dont react right away!! Haha! But as soon as the magazine or the ads came out, maybe just may be i will. Since its decent enough to post it =)
    After lunch, a french song was playing, champs elysees. I clearly remember since we sang it in french class but am not sure bout the spelling. Haha! Anyway it was so funny cause Luis was teaching us how to walk on a runway. HAHA! Seriously, we were all laughing pretending to be runway models :)) And ofcourse, he's the main attraction of the show! I love him! =)
    K.. I'm meeting my debut coordinator tomorrow morning and I'm missing tomorrows photo shoot! Such a loser :( I wanna see the shoes that will be used pa naman! Sigh. I wonder how its gonna go tomorrow.. Anyway but yeah, meeting my debut coordinator tomorrow! I'm turning 18 in less than 2 months! I'm half excited. The other half just wanna stay 17.. 

Secret: He was wearing a button down shirt that time.. after ko iclip yung shirt sa likod, I sat down right away.. Eh may guy dun sabi like, claud button mo. So ayun, i buttoned it. Eh hello? ang hot nya mashado diba? Nakakahiya, hindi ko mabutton yung shirt! Hahaha!


  1. cannot wait for updates for your debut my dear!!!

    that is going to be such a memorable experience...

    take care love

  2. Hi misty, if ever you're reading this again, for whatever reason, your comment was not posted..
    But anyway thanks! and I will.. I'd love to update you guys =) hihihi thanks!!


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