I've been gone for too long! My life is getting boring. I need to do somethinggg!! Seriously, Its nothing exciting to talk about. Psshh! Although I have been out, like.. Everyday. Still, nothing interesting. HAHA LOL. 

Oh, btw, check out my photographer, http://joelfrancisco.com.ph/ We're going to shoot my debut pictorial in a few days when I have all my clothes settled. I took out my luggage which contains really old clothes, not really that old maybe last years clothes.. To my surprise, most of them dont fit on me anymore! I gained that much weight and it makes me a lot uglier :( I mean, yeah yeah I know I gained weight. But it really sank into me awhile ago. Fuck. Anyway, his shots are all so awesome and the first thing I told him was make me look thin!! =)) If i cant lose weight in a short time given, then at least make me look thin! =))

I haven't been really feeling good lately :/ A week ago I had sore throat and just when I thought I was getting better, earlier today I got a massive headache and now.. BOO! I am so sickkk. And cause of that, I had to miss my friends birthday celebration at Makati Shangrila. Siiiigh I really had to get sick today, huh? Not just today, but I also have to miss tomorrows cover shoot with Luis. I think the model will be Marian Rivera? I haven't met her yet! My mom finds her pretty and I'd love to work with her. Stupid sickness. 

Haha We had an early dinner tonight, (request by yours truly, i'm doing the before-6 diet starting today) So yeah early dinner, we usually have a lot of yummy food every dinner, all sorts shrimp steak fish vegetables and all those. My dad and brother is a biiiig eater + me! Guess wot, I made my mom proud by skipping everything but vegetables! I'm not a fan of green foods, but hey its healthy! My mom always scold and counsels me every freakin day because im fat. Telling me that when she was 16 or 17, her weight only plays around 90lbs to 100lbs. OH and another thing, My mom and I went to see my seamstress this morning to give out some promising designs for my debut gown and hers as well.. And yes, my waist line from 24 (as she remembers and I dont) to now, I dont even know cause I dont wanna know, Its only gonna break break buh-break break my heart. 

I kinda miss going to photo shoots. I'm so bored. But am too sick to move. Hey, this was my last one. Almost a week ago long!! Imagine my life as a bum. Without these, I don't think I'll be doing anything else besides eating, going to spas, having my nails done, and more eating.. things i can not live with out. Reason why I get fat.
This outfit, although blury, is one of my favorite. Only because: Blazers, shorts and tank top. Got it? So me! Matching it with a 5in heel parisian SM shoes. I never owned one, but after this shoot, I appreciate SM foot wears now =)

Notice how much I mentioned myself being fat?! Boooo cause I am. Haha! I talk too much, I have to stop. You can stop reading too if you find me annoying.. Boo! Get out! Hahaha! Kbyeee! =)


  1. I have always loved reading your posts my dear...

    heard you are sick...feel better and get some rest!!!

    take care gorgeous


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