In two years, I wanna be someone! Like, the kind of person you see in the mall or walking on streets and be like, Oh F thats claude! HAHAHAHAHA! and the other goes, whos claude?! =))) Then you're like.. You know, Claude. blah blah blah --- HAHA!

I'm writing an essay for our filipino class about where or how we see ourself in 2020: Heres how mine goes, and later to be translated in filipino. (sorry for my super super OA imagination, spare me this. its my blog lol!)

Once I graduate here at CSB, I will move to California along with my brother who will go to Stanford for college. I will work full time at a hotel for a year or so and save up money for my tuition so I can go back to studying fashion design and marketing at FIDM in LA. In between school works, I will get a part time job as an assistant stylist or as a junior associate stylist in small magazine companies. I will master my profession within this company cause this is where I will slowly move my way up to the fashion industry. Since studying in FIDM opens a lot of doors to the industry, I will continue to be active on fashion events and use this opportunity for me to enhance my talent in this field.

I graduated and is financially and career wise stabled. Living in LA as a fashion editor of known magazine company. I've also been doing a lot of fashion styling projects and editorial shoots in news papers and several magazines. I am now engaged to a man who works at a real estate company. He's the son of my boss whom I mistaken as a delivery boy since he always bring foods to my boss. (Thats how our love story started) We have a daughter who is in 2nd grade now, she also does modeling and shes doing an acting workshop only because I saw an interest in her about wanting to be in disney channel. 

Life is amazingggg for us =)))) 

LOL --DRAFT, K? SORRY NA. Nahiya na ko dagdagan pa yan. Wahahaha!

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