50 useless things, and yet i post them anyway (Pt. 1)

1. I've always had a blog, i usually start them and be really updated then after awhile i get lazy
2. When I read my old blog, I feel naive and ashamed of it so I deleted them
3. I check to see how my post will look like and then publish them
4. So I am very perfectionist in some cases. just some
5. My room is a lot messier than it was before, clothes everywhere, shoes everywhere
6. Ive always wanted to sleep in a bed thats like the sleep care pillows
7. I just woke up, its 11:42am and I don't know why I made this 100 useless things
8. However, Ive always been a lazy ass so I should keep writing
9. I hate my fat legs, they love each other so much they cant separate. 
10. I have a low confidence and self esteem, although what i've been showing to people is that i'm a very strong girl
11. Im a bum for a month now, two more months and im off to school
12. I kinda wish I was alot like my little brother, hes just so smart in a lot of ways, not only academically. 
13. I've always been the one who plays the bitch and boyloving role in our barkada
14. I still play a lot of childish games
15. I always have a pack of pain relievers in my bag, or most of the time lol
16. My room has been renovated more than any other rooms in our house. i'm very clumsy so its no surprise i drop heavy things and break our tiles
17. chocolates are my guilty pleasures, just like everyone else
18. I still sing ABC... to know the next letter after another
19. I've read rich by 30 and i have to be rich by 30
20. I never liked coffee, cold is given
21. Nutella is my favorite
22. Ive been called to the discipline office more than 3 times last senior year
23. When i like someone, i tease them to another girl
24. I believe I have a bad handwriting and everyone thinks its pretty
25. Exactly this day last year, I found out we have a beach house in guam which is so cool
26. My friend carmina have been going out with his grade 8 boyfriend until now
27. I have to stop thinking about food for the next minutes of my fuckin life
28. good morning texts never fails to make me smile
29. I miss shopping 
30. I almost lost my ipad when i left it at a restaurant and the waiter comes running after me
31. I wanna have my nose pierce already but im still waiting for my friend from canada
32. I hate when someone starts to laugh at a movie theater as if no one else was watching
33. and i also hate it when the couple in front of you makes out
34. I was never a fan of twilight movies, although i watched every part of it
35. I never learned to make a baloon like using gum in my mouth
36. I developed myself a serious addiction facebook formspring and twitter and this blog. 
37. Im getting a tattoo soon when my friend from canada comes back, were all gon do it together
38. After college here in manila, i'll fly to california where as my brother goes to college at stanford. 
39. I never weigh myself, it breaks my heart and i love who i am anyway
40. My room smells sweet
41. I never learn how to whistle either
42. I've only loved a guy once and he was a fugly bitch and swore myself never to love again
43. I never considered myself as a normal person, im weird in a lot of ways
44. I always wanna go on a diet, but never wanna be super thin
45. I have written this blog for 10 minutes now
46. My blog is boring you
47. I dont know how to cut my nails, im really bad at it. I hope you can see how my nails look like right now
48. I wanna be a lot of things
49. Im missing tonights bench uncut fashion show, goodluck to my friend diane! 
50. I'm gonna have to get ready now, meeting my friend in awhile

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