Deniece Acostas Birthday
Fail outfit; booo! I know am not really busy but why didn't I find the time to get some descent clothes?
Fail nails; Yess! omg :| My nails looked like it was bitten. Ew. 
Fail hair; My hair looked like I just got off from a fight. or I just finished with the laundry. 
Fail BRA STRAP: I was supposed to be wearing my blazer, lol good thing I waxed =)) So I remembered, I left my blazer. Shit!! :|
Will never look like this shit again next time!! 
Buuut, I liked how I did my eyes though. Haha! Fine, complimenting myself. ayyy Okay, ayan I have FAT arms =))
BUT SOAWESOME party. We love you den den! =) 
...Waiting for more photos. lol 


  1. oh jello shots right???

    you look great without even looking at the camera still a great shot of you my dear...

    take care stay beautiful...


  2. Yezz!
    Aww you're too sweet, really! Haha Thanks
    xoxo! >:D<

  3. this photo is awesome:) haha, live to party... i miss doing jello shots! :(

    discovered your blog through sweet's recommendation. awesome stuff, love the large fotos:)

    come visit/follow me?


  4. Hi Eden! I followed you already :D

  5. hi claudine,

    amazeballs! glad were following each other:) actually followed you via twitter as well as per sweet's recommendation:)

    the denim vest was actually a DIY by me! :P just an old vest of mine and i studded it. :)

    cant wait to read more of your posts!:)

  6. OMG really? Thats so cool! I pretty much have like a looooot of studs here with me too but am kinda busy this past few days so i dont really blog anymore. But thanks though!! Really =)


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