Challenged myself with these 25 things I picked up from someones blog

1. The last three foods I ate are goya spread sandwich, cream puffs and seaweed pringles.
2. The biggest celebrity, whose telephone number can be found in my cell phone No one.
3. Last googled last night, Kaya Scodelaria =)
4. All-time worst thing that I purchased I can't really say its the worst. But probably the striped dress I bought at divisoria, I got it cause I like it but I don't end up using it anyway so its a waste.
5. Inside my purse is wallet, make up kit, coin purse, pens, alcohol, perfume and bus tickets.
6. Best place in the whole world is yet unseen, but I strongly believe its located in Paris =)
7. The most typical outfit at the moment is a black dkny jeans and black men's shirt from topshop. i use them all the time
8. The finest / most expensive purchases to be probably a michael kors rubber shoes because I bought them myself, and 
9. I'm addicted to tv series (piracy!) good foods, and my blackberry
10. Style described in three words black, twisted and unpredictable.
11. If I could end my life in only one boutique shop, it would H&M
12. I've never bought anything girly girl
13. Best Coffee outlet discoveries sorry I have not found any
14. If I could collect a whole wardrobe from a celebrity it would be Taylor Momsen!
15. The next big purchase is hopefully I get to buy another blackberry soon
16. Style resemblance Maybe Taylor Momsen
17. Make up preference Smokey eyes, eye liners.
18. My dream bag is chanel 2.55 flap bag
19. Monthly allowance spent on mostly food, and a lot of clothes 
20. Online shop preferably Ebay! Ebay is your bestfriend, everything is there!
21. Favorite fashion blog is I dont have one
22. I'm the most beautiful in when im at home, wearing boxers and a lose shirt with my hair up do.
23. Currently doing this blog entry and watching a british tv series
24. My hair is now black with a shade of red on some angles, thats how I did it =)
25. My dream job is to work part time at a magazine company as a stylist or fashion editor and set up my own business, I hate desk jobs.

I went to SoFA this morning to fill up some request form, I'm so excited to go to school! I get to see everyone again! Esp tella's block, deniece, maru, matt, raffy, jeng, nino, jovic, junsay, vales, nadz, cedric and tina I soo love them! Oh and Pam! Yay! :D
Btw, Pau arrived a couple of hours ago, still waiting for her call. 
much lovee,

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